Ibai Llanos considers leaving Twitch

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We have to go to stream to YouTubeguys. It’s not a joke. It’s just that we have to go to stream to YouTube, guys. I think this year is my last year on Twitch, I really do.”

The drop in payments made by Twitch to its streamers could be the reason for Ibai Llanos to leave this platform

With these words in one of his live streams, the popular Ibai Llanos would be announcing the abandonment of Twitcha platform on which he has accumulated millionaire live broadcasts in audience, in favor of YouTube.

The idea of abandoning Twitch in favor of YouTube was reiterated throughout the live broadcast, and Ibai Llanos also confirmed that he has the support of his professional environment, citing the favorable stance of his publisher. With a certain degree of derision, Llanos commented that the reason for this platform migration could be due to the fact that “the directs stay uploaded there”in reference to the possibility offered by YouTube to continue accessing content beyond the moment of its broadcast via streaming.

One of the reasons that could motivate this decision would be the reduction in revenue from Twitch since this platform has lowered the price of subscriptions, something that has prompted complaints from the most popular streamers of this platform in Spain.

In the case of Ibai Llanos, he has more than 11 million followers on Twitch and more than 9 million subscribers on YouTube, where in addition to other content he publishes videos that compile the best moments of his live streams on Twitch.

In early 2022 Twitch began offering a system of guaranteed payments to some of its most popular content creators, including Llanos. The system has evolved over time, and in addition to advertising insertions with a certain number of ads per hour of broadcast, the possibility for creators to increase their monetization was added.

Last June, this new mode of monetization and advertising revenue began to operate, and although Ibai Llanos is one of the most successful streamers in the world he may feel that he could be more successful by moving his audience to YouTube.

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