Iconic bridges that are famous in the world

Bridges are constructions that connect two places and are symbols of progress that are spread around the world. After all, some are very old and some are true symbols of modern architecture. Emblematic bridges that represent a city or a dynasty are worth highlighting. Bridges are interesting for tourists and one of the first attractions they visit when they arrive in a city.

iconic and famous bridges
Puente Golden Gate
Some of the most famous bridges in Europe, the Netherlands, Asia and Australia

The most famous bridges are icons of the city in which they are located.

  • (London, England) Millenium Bridge: It was inaugurated in 2000 and crosses the Thames. At one end is the Tate Modern and at the other is St Paul’s Cathedral
Millenium Bridge
  • (Paris, France) Alexander III bridge: It was inaugurated in 1900 for the World’s Fair. Its architecture and location position it as the most important in Paris. It is adorned with gold street lamps and statues of nymphs and pegasi.
  • (Florence, Italy) Ponte Vechio: It is a medieval bridge that was built in 1345. There it crosses the narrowest part of the Arno. It has 4 floors of houses and upstairs there is a gallery with souvenir shops.
  • (Vietnam) Golden bridge: It is 1400 meters high and is distinguished by the fact that it is held by huge cement hands. Among the emblematic bridges, this one stands out because its decoration is natural, as it is surrounded by the most incredible landscapes.
Golden bridge
  • (Valencia, Spain) Roman Bridge of Cordoba: It crosses the Guadalquivir River and was built in the 1st century AD. It was the only entrance to the city.
  • (Singapore) Helix bridge: Opened in 2010 and curved over the Singapore River. It was recognized by the BCA for its construction and beauty.
Helix bridge
  • (Sydney, Australia) Puente Sidney Harbor: It was built in Sydney in 1932. It is notable for being the tallest arched bridge at 138 meters from the water to the highest part.
  • (London, England) Tower bridge: It is a symbol of the city and is very close to the Tower of London. Construction lasted from 1886 to 1894 and is a combination of a suspension bridge and a bascule bridge.
The famous bridges of America
  • (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Women’s bridge: It was inaugurated in 2001 and is a 34 meter high hydraulic bridge. It can be rotated 90 degrees to make room for boats. In addition, it also enables people to move around.
Women’s bridge
  • (California, USA) – Puente Golden Gate: It was built between 1933 and 1937. At 1,280 meters long, it crosses the San Francisco Bay. It has 2 towers of 227 meters high. It’s painted red to protect it from rust.
  • (New York, USA) Brooklyn Bridge: It was inaugurated in 1883 after 13 years of construction. For a long time it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. It is 1825 meters long and 500 meters between one column and the next.
  • (Rocha – Uruguay) Laguna Garzón bridge : When we think of a bridge, we imagine a straight line, but the architect Rafael Viñoni designed a perimeter in the middle of the bridge. That’s why this bridge looks a lot better in the air.
Luna Garzón Bridge
  • (Durango and Sinaloa – Mexico) Bicentennial Baluarte Bridge: This bridge is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest tie-rod bridge in the world. In addition, it is built from steel and concrete at a height of 400 meters.

These are just a few of the many bridges in the world. However, we will take another virtual trip like this one to see more wonderful bridges.

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