In a Polish village only girls have been born for the last 10 years

In the world there are many events that are really a mystery. Like the news that only girls have been born in a Polish village for the last 10 years. The news is so many and so varied that many of them do not reach society. However, other events transcend because of their rarity and the mystery they contain.

only girls are born

The Polish village of Miejsce Odrzanskie is small but very named. It is in the news because for 10 years only girls were born. It is a small agricultural village in the least populated province of Poland, where only 300 people live. It is located near the border with the Czech Republic.

Miejsce Odrzanskie is a small village that is already in the news

It aroused the interest of science for the described reason that has been going on for several years. Even the village authorities even offered a reward for the couple that would be able to give birth to a boy. It is a village with only one central street, where 96 houses are grouped together.

Although it reached a population of about 1200 before World War II. From 2009 to 2020, there were only 12 births in that village. As a result of this special event, the news spread around the world during 2019.

It became even more famous during a regional competition for volunteer firefighters. The town sent a team of teenage girls. The chief of the fire brigade explained why. There were no boys in the village, as only girls had been born for the last 10 years.

Those who fathered a boy would get a prize

This reached the “ears” of the prestigious New York Times, which attracted the attention of numerous television networks. Many scientists and doctors called the village authorities. They offered their advice on how couples could father a boy. Some of them were well-founded, some of them unfounded.

A Polish doctor advised couples to go on a special diet. It was to be done by the woman. Others, more superstitious, advised them to keep an axe under the mattress. The reward for those who fathered a child was to name the main street of the village after the baby. However, the reality is far from the advice, superstitions and rewards. The fact that only girls are born may have quite different reasons. According to scientists, there may be several causes of this phenomenon.

Possible scientific reasons why only girls are born

In such a small community it is a perfectly feasible fact. Strangely enough, the chances of it being a boy or a girl is 50%, as it always was. Especially considering that there have only been 12 births in just over a decade.

in 12 births only girls are born

As is known, it is the sperm that randomly determine the sex of the baby. X sperm make girls and Y sperm make boys. It may be that the men in this village have a propensity to generate X sperm. Another scientific cause may occur because of inbreeding ties in these small populations.

These inbreeding relationships often produce genetic “mismatches” that lead to only girls being born. These variations are passed on from generation to generation. Because of this, eggs that are all X can only be fertilized by X sperm. The “mismatched” genetic load rejects Y sperm. However, on May 2, 2020, Bartek was born, the first child in a decade, arriving in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic.

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