In the Stone Age, people danced with elk teeth

But was it danced 8,000 years ago? Naturally. Man has always used dance as part of various rituals. It is strange to discover that they danced psychedelically back then. It is what is derived from an ancient Karelia necropolis in Russia. In the Stone Age it was danced with elk teeth as a rattle.

In the Stone Age, people danced with elk teeth, as can be seen in this depiction.
In the Stone Age, people danced with elk teeth, as can be seen in this depiction.
Dancing for Research

There were signs of wear and tear on the teeth in these graves. They indicate that the items were used as bells. “Moose tooth jewelry on clothing makes a loud rattle when you move.” It says it’s a statement the auditory archaeologist Riitta Rainio. He works at the Academy of Finland at the University of Helsinki.

“You used these bells while dancing. It was easier to immerse yourself in the soundscape. Finally, let the sound and rhythm control your movements. It is as if the dancer was led in the dance by someone ».

Rainio knows the subject well. He danced for six hours in a row for research purposes. He used elk tooth ornaments based on the Stone Age model. They investigated what signs of wear and tear form on teeth when they collide. The sound of a tooth rattle can be clear and bright, or loud. It depends on the number and quality of the teeth, as well as the intensity of the movement.

To dance!

The wear marks on the teeth are the result of dancing. Dancing worn teeth were analyzed under a microscope. These markings were then compared with the finds made in the graves. They compared chips, gaps, cuts and smooth surfaces of the teeth. There was a great resemblance. But the marks on the Stone Age teeth were deeper and more extensive. Apparently they danced all the time.

In the Stone Age, people danced with elk teeth. Don’t you like to dance? It’s in our DNA. So don’t think about it too much. Turn on the music … and start dancing.

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