Inbound marketing, the key to success for 2021

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Invasive advertising, which interrupts the user while they are watching their favorite TV show, listening to a radio program or practicing sports, has its days numbered. More and more users are reluctant to this form of traditional advertising that does not take into account their interests and needs, and that is disseminated in a generic way for all audiences.

Faced with it, one of the digital marketing strategies that is gaining more strength is the so-called Inbound Marketing. Its philosophy is completely different, since it does not spread generic messages to potential customers, but seeks to attract customers with valuable content, useful and relevant to their interests. Among the objectives of Inbound Marketing stands out the fact that it is the user himself who finds the company. Motivated by this need, it is the potential consumer who finds the company – and its products and services – through Internet search engines, social networks, forums, blogs..

But… how can we make this encounter happen? How can we attract customers to the brand without “forcing” them to consume our advertising? The key lies in the creation of quality content and value, which works as the perfect hook that attracts the user to satisfy that need you have.

By creating this content, the company will gain credibility and generate confidence in users who have already shown an interest in their products or services, so it will be easier to convert them into customers or even prospects of the brand.

The main challenge is, in the face of the avalanche of content that is published every day on the Internet, to be able to create relevant content, which stand out from the rest and provide the user with that solution they need, to attract them definitively towards the brand. This task is not easy and requires the help of Inbound Marketing professionals who are able to develop a content and digital marketing strategy suitable for the objectives that the brand has set out to achieve.

Different actions can be proposed in this sense: the creation of relevant content for the company’s website, the development of a company blog with regular updates, branded content strategies that seek to relate the company with a series of values with which the potential customer feels identified … or even the development of transmedia narratives, in which the story that you want to reach the user is published in different Internet channels.

Elaborating these contents is not something easy, and requires effort and professional help, but it will serve to attract the attention of the potential client. In addition, it is not only enough to attract the user to our website or blog with relevant content that is properly positioned in search engines or that is highlighted or shared by users on social networks. Once you have attracted them, it is essential to know how to convert them into a sales opportunity.

Through conversation, adapting to their needs and offering them easy ways of contact – forms, additional content, etc… – you will manage to start the relationship with the potential customer in a natural way. Answering their questions, their needs and trying to solve their problems will make the potential buyer to strengthen the bonds of trust towards the brand, which will undoubtedly generate business opportunities.

Having the right sales tools available at this point – an ecommerce, a mobile app or any other way of closing the sale – will convert those business opportunities that were generated by creating quality content into achieving success, managing to finalize the sale and convert the user into a customer.

By offering that quality experience to the user, providing them with content and elements of value that satisfy their needs without harassing them or interrupting them in their daily actions, we will manage to generate more lasting bonds and greater involvement with the brand. If the interaction is adequate and the communication is constant, customers who have been attracted to the brand will trust it again. Moreover, given that the experience is satisfactory, they will also recommend it to their friends and contacts through social networks, messaging apps and other channels, becoming brand evangelists.

Implementing Inbound Marketing actions in the company’s sales strategy allows you to convert anonymous users into sales opportunities, customers and even brand prospects. That is why now more than ever it is necessary to adapt marketing campaigns and forget about invasive advertising to meet the needs of our potential buyers in a friendly way, attracting them to the brand and maximizing the chances of getting a sale.

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