Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Indiana Jones and the dial of destiny, Flash o Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse. are some of the most anticipated movie releases for June 2023, but not the only ones. And, as always, we gather the most outstanding ones in this, our monthly section of… movie premieres, yes sir. But only of what is released in Spain, keep in mind if you read us from elsewhere, although the big international releases are sure to coincide.

On the other hand and as always we also add, if your thing is not the cinema, that is, going to the movies, and you prefer to enjoy what comes to the platforms of streaming from wherever you want, we recommend you to have a look to VOD Newsour weekly premieres section dedicated exclusively to digital content arriving via video on demand. But now we’re getting down to business and here we go…

June 2 movie releases

Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse

The first weekend of June kicks off strong with. Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse, the sequel to the 2018 animated phenomenon and one of Sony Pictures Animation’s big bets for this year. And since it not only comes endorsed by the original release, but the critics at large are laughing at the film’s goodness….

Changing the subject, a new horror film arrives this weekend. The Boogeymana new adaptation of Stephen King’s classic that, unlike the previous one, is not dazzling those who have had the opportunity to see it already, but that in general maintains the position for the reviews it is receiving.

As God intended

And another turn of the screw, this one in the key of humor and Spanish cinema, so yes, of. As God commands what you can expect is a real Spanish bore. The volume is in the film’s cast, the spine in that of its protagonist, the vivacious Leo Harlem. With that and the trailer…

The taste of things is a French-Japanese co-production starring veteran renegade Gérard Depardieu (Cyrano de Bergerac, Asterix and Obelix) with the world of cooking as a setting and existential melodrama as a backdrop, perhaps a little flimsy a priori, but…

June 9 movie releases

For the second week of June, the most outstanding popcorn movie release is undoubtedly that of Transformers: Awakening of the Beastsa new installment in the multi-billion dollar action/sci-fi franchise, this time from a new director (the one of Creed II: The Legend of Rocky) and new cast, but in the same blockbuster format as always.

For more adult audiences, the following is released The Master Gardenerthe new from veteran Paul Schrader (American Gigolo, The card counter) with Joel Edgerton (Bright, The darkest night) and Sigourney Weaver (Alien, Avatar) at the helm of a dark plot that was generally well received by those who were able to attend the preview.

Of course, if what you prefer is something to let your mind go blank and, perhaps, let out a few laughs, All about my father is the typical American comedy of rescue of old glories, not in vain has as a hook the eternal Robert De Niro. Bodriac eh, things as they are.

The Spanish touch of the week is given by Nato 0. The origin of evila serial killer crime thriller, of which we don’t know what to expect, because it hasn’t been shown yet.

June 16 movie releases

The third week of June sees the release of one of the heavyweights of the month, the long-awaited film by Flashstarring that outlandish character Ezra Miller and the last vestige of the Snyder era in the DC Extended Universe, before the big change comes. More superheroes, in case Spider-Man is not enough for you.

Rather more interesting, always a priori, is presented. Asteroid Cityan American film that, in addition to its proposal, stands out for the impressive number of stars, never better said, that appear on the screen: from Scarlett Johansson to Tom Hanks, including Margot Robbie, Tilda Swinton, Adrien Brody, Bryan Cranston, Liev Shcneider, Jeffrey Wright, Matt Dilon… It is a comedy, but a picturesque one.

Operation Kandahar

From the director of Target: Washington D.C. y Greenland: The Last Refuge arrives Operation Kandaharsomething you can’t even imagine… Or maybe you can, because it’s nothing less than a new action movie starring its muse Gerard Butler (Target: The White House, An exemplary citizen). And that’s all there is to it, because with that and the trailer, it’s enough for you.

The last release we pick up for this week is. Upon Entry (The Arrival)a Spanish production with a strong Venezuelan presence and some Catalan touches, in the key of drama and thriller psychological thriller with an approach as simple as it is intense, judging from the trailer alone. It stars Alberto Ammann (Cell 211, Narcos) and Bruna Cusí (Merlí, Home).

June 23 movie releases

The final stretch of June deflates somewhat and highlights include. The Magic Doora mid-level production in the form of a fantastic adventure for the whole family in which the most striking features are the luxury supporting actors that reinforce the proposal: Christoph Waltz, Sam Neil, Miranda Otto…

A couple of years after co-starring in the bombastic Don’t look upJennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games, Passengers) returns with a new comedy, rather more elementary and tawdry than the previous one, but, once again, the trailer has everything you need to see if you’re interested.

And more comedy, but somewhat blacker and with a scant sprinkling of suspense is what you’ll find in. The Fortressa Spanish production to complete the weakest week of the month, coinciding with the beginning of summer. Perhaps that is why the level of premieres is lowered, before the culmination.

June 27, 28 and 30 movie releases

The last week of June picks up the power, though not from the beginning. However, this The paradox of Antares which opens on Wednesday the 27th, is a curious proposal to say the least: a science fiction drama with touches of thriller not very common in Spanish production.

Thursday, June 28th in theaters Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destinythe definitive farewell to the great adventurer, at least as far as Harrison Ford is concerned, and although the previous reviews that are arriving after the film’s passage through festivals do not bode well, but quite the opposite… It’s Indy.

Finally, on Friday, another strong bet of animated films for all audiences will be released in theaters, Ruby, adventures of a teenage krakena new film from DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures, from the studio’s Shrek y How to Train Your Dragon and the director of The Croods. A Prehistoric Adventure. It looks a bit strange, but….

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