Influencers prefer to sell products directly

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More and more influencers are choosing one Direct sales channel in social networks and try to sell products contextually through their profiles. Instead of uploading a video to YouTube that the user can watch anytime, the trend is now to sell directly during a live broadcast … and to use the tools that social networks provide.

Influencers sell products during live broadcasts, not just on their videos or blog

One of the strengths of these personal sales channels is that they present the product in action while the users themselves describe its main features. This allows for a much more realistic approach to the product.

For social and e-commerce platforms, these personal shopping channels are like having someone go shopping with a friend and listen to their advice about what to buy and what not to buy. That’s why Looking for strengthen the social aspectincluding best practice guidance, the need to answer viewers’ questions both in chat and through direct messages.

This direct sales method is very popular in China, but it is also reaching the west as large companies like Instagram or Amazon rely heavily on it to bring brands and influencers closer together.

This is the case with Instagram, whose live shopping tool is currently active in the US and which will reach other countries over the next year, allowing content creators to sell products meanwhile Instagram live broadcasts.

With this new e-commerce promotion feature, you can tag products from the Instagram or Facebook stores to advertise them within the direct and buy directly from the application. To use this tool, brands must register with Facebook. Affiliate links are not accepted so only brands benefit from them.

In July, Amazon launched its Amazon Live for Influencer program, also in the United States. The Amazon Live Creator application enables users to create content and make direct sales from their live video.

When an influencer goes live, the video will appear on their influencer page and also on Amazon offers content creators various tools such as a live chat as well as a level system that offers improvements, e.g. B. the possibility to receive higher commissions, access to special Amazon live events and much more.

In March 2020, the audience for direct sales streams in China increased by 126 million people from last year, according to a report from the China Internet Network Information Center. These personal sales channels have gained such popularity in the Asian country that Kim Kardashian attended an event with a Chinese influencer that sold more than 15,000 bottles of perfume.

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