International Water Day was established to raise awareness

All living things on the planet need water to live. Water is essential for life, so much so that without it no form of life, be it animal or plant, would survive. To highlight and raise awareness of its proper use and care, World Water Day was instituted.

World Water Day

World Water Day was established by the UN to raise awareness

The United Nations General Assembly declared March 22 each year as such. Water is an essential liquid for life, which, however, does not reach every human being on the planet. According to UN data, more than 2.2 billion people do not have access to drinking water.

That is why it is commemorated, for awareness, about the global water supply crisis. In addition, to take action to achieve Sustainable Development Goal No. 6: Water and Sanitation for All by 2030.

2022 is the year of groundwater

2022 has a key theme centered on the importance of groundwater. Groundwater is not visible to the naked eye, but it influences life and the conservation of ecosystems. Groundwater is critical. They feed aquifers, wetlands, rivers, lakes and springs below ground.

In turn, groundwater is formed by seepage of rain or snow, which then feeds the oceans. Without this relevant cycle, life on earth would not be possible. For this reason, groundwater must be protected from pollution and overexploitation.

Most of the most arid areas of the Earth depend solely on groundwater for survival. These areas depend on it for livelihoods, household supplies, food processing, and sanitation.

raising awareness of water use

Each year an important theme is highlighted

In 2021, the main theme emphasized the importance of water in curbing the coronavirus pandemic. To avoid contagion by direct contact with objects contaminated by the virus, hand washing is essential. This also demonstrates how important it is to take care of water in the face of a pandemic.

Nowadays, the growth in the population rate is of concern in many aspects. Water supply is one of the most worrisome. In addition, this growth is compounded by the increased food requirements of more people. This leads to the use of more water in agriculture and industry. This whole chain leads to increased consumption of drinking water, which, unfortunately, is also adversely affected by climate change.

Although water abounds on Earth, it is a finite and irreplaceable resource. Awareness of this is fundamental to life. Not only for ordinary citizens, but also for those who, despite having vested interests in the precious liquid, pollute water without concern.

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