Internet consumption trends for 2023 according to Nielsen

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The way we relate to each other on the Internet has undergone a major change in recent years, in which new digital consumption habits are being acquired and in which the way in which we are impacted on a daily basis is also changing. This is reflected in the latest report published by the audience measurement consultancy Nielsen, which is entitled “Digital Consumer Survey 2022“whose conclusions have just been made public.

Half of Spaniards claim to know what the Metaverse is.

The new habits that have settled among Spanish Internet users will continue to develop throughout 2023. These are the trends identified by the company:

-Search for new experiences: Social networks are used, mainly, to search for new experiences. In this sense, 18% of Spaniards search for places using these platforms and 72% know and use the new maps that exist on these platforms.

79% of users search for places and experiences on these platforms because they want to visualize images and videos, especially those published by anonymous people, as they consider it a more real content and without promotional purposes (71%).

-Metaverse and NFT. Fifty percent of Spaniards know what the metaverse is – a percentage that is surprisingly high – and 26% say they have ever logged in.

25% say they know how to log in and 51% say they are willing to create their avatar to join, while 47% say they are willing to buy virtual reality glasses. In addition, 46% of Spaniards who have already tried virtual reality activities.

Knowledge and use of NFT is also growing. 44% of Spaniards know what they are, and 30% are willing to acquire them, something that 26% of the people consulted by Nielsen know how to do.

-E-Commerce trends: When it comes to online shopping, the possibility of financing the purchase and the use of augmented reality have increased considerably during 2021. Online shopping tickets (46%), QRs (40%) and in-store touch screens (34%) are more common in the Spanish market and are part of the user shopping experience.

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-Advertising on streaming platforms: Streaming platforms such as Netflix have launched cheaper plans but include advertising when watching content. In this sense, 41% of users are willing to opt for the more expensive option without advertising versus 27% who opt for the cheaper proposal with advertising and a reduced content offer. In addition, 24% would cancel their subscription because they are not willing to watch advertising.

-Expansion of the subscription model to other sectors: 40% of Spaniards would be willing to pay a subscription for services from their favorite establishments. Discounts (56.5%), free home delivery (42%) and a surprise gift per month (24%) are the most expected subscription services.

The businesses where we would be most willing to adopt this model are: restaurants (59%), home delivery services (48%) and cinema (45%).

-Commitment to sustainability. 64% of consumers say that if a brand is associated with sustainability, inclusion, social responsibility initiatives… this impacts their purchase decision. 63% say they have purchased green products in the last year and 67% say they do so between 2 and 3 times a month.

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