Interview with Rocío Delgado, journalist on TVE’s “Mañaneros”.

Rocio Delgado journalist

Rocio Delgadojournalist and popular face in Telemadrid, where she presented Telenoticias 2 and programs such as “Juntos” and “Desmontando Madrid”, makes the leap to national television from September to join “Mañaneros”, the new morning magazine, presented by Jaime Cantizano. We talked to her about journalism, social networks and, of course, her new professional challenge.

-Rocío, how have the Internet and social networks changed the way journalism is practiced?

I think they have revolutionized it… They have multiplied the windows in which we can get information and also increased the possibility of interacting with the audience

I address my followers on social networks as “family” because that’s how I feel about it

-In what ways do you benefit the work of journalists?

It has given immediacy to our work… It is much easier to access sources, to access certain information and it also allows that direct contact I was telling you about with our viewers who can write to us directly… The content we offer also has a life in social networks. That way it reaches more people who can enjoy it on deferred, whenever they consider.

-They have also brought negative consequences… what would be the main ‘evils’ of social networks?

That they are a machine for spreading fake news…. This means that we have to be extremely cautious because the immediacy that, as I was saying, they have imbued our work with can also cause us to take information for granted without checking it. Something that can never happen. We have to have all the filters activated…

-How do you use social networks?

Well, in the case of Twitter, we journalists use it almost parallel to the tickers. There is a lot of news that reaches us -or is produced- directly there.

Instagram, fundamentally, I use it to publicize my work or things that interest me and I think also others: exhibitions, films, literary recommendations… In TikTok I have not yet debuted, but I will do it soon!

What social networks does Rocío Delgado mainly use?

Twitter and Instagram, without a doubt

-Do you think that television is taking full advantage of the networks? Is greater integration possible?

I think they are becoming more and more important, there is so much talent to be discovered in them!

-What role will they play in “Mañaneros”?

I don’t want to give too much away because you have to stay tuned for the premiere! But just tell you to be very attentive because we are not going to miss anything at all of what is happening….

We journalists use Twitter (X) in an almost parallel way to the teletypes.

-In what ways do social networks help to achieve audience? Why is it important to measure social audience?

Because, as I was telling you, the programs we do now have a new life in social networks… The audience consumes a lot of our content there and it is important to know how many people we are reaching, also through that channel….

-What feedback do you usually receive from viewers?

I’m very lucky because it’s so positive… In networks people have always given me tremendous affection, in fact, when I publish content I address my followers directly as “family” because that’s how I feel.

-Can you tell us a funny story that has happened to you on the networks?

Well, for me the most important thing is the support from viewers… During the pandemic, for example, messages of encouragement or concern if they don’t see you on TV for a few days and they think something has happened to you. They thank you for your work or tell you that you keep them company. That is our greatest reward.

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