iPhone and MacBook parts and repair now available in Europe

smartphone repair

Apple has announced the availability in Europe of the self-repair system for iPhones and MacBooks, a program that allows owners of these devices to purchase original components from the brand so that they can repair their own damaged devices.

Apple rents for 59.95 euros for one week the tool kit needed for repairs.

On the company’s website you can access the manuals that allow users who prefer to follow the necessary steps to take care of the repair themselves. In any case, these repairs are not within the reach of the average user, but in most cases require advanced knowledge, as well as the necessary skills and tools for these delicate operations.

Broken screens, batteries that have seen their autonomy degraded…. Apple offers up to 200 original parts that will allow users to fix their devices themselves. In most cases these are complex repair processes that require even specific tools that Apple itself also offers for sale and even offers the possibility of rent for 59.95 euros a repair kit for a weeka possibility that may be attractive to those who have the time (and the courage) to try this type of repair themselves.

During the past month of April Apple already started in the United States this program that allows. users themselves to repair their deviceswhich in the case of iPhones covers both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models as well as the third generation iPhone SE model. In the case of Apple laptops, a selection of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models with M1 chip are included.

The European countries in which this self-repair option is already available are Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and Sweden. It should be noted that the resulting prices do not represent a very significant reduction over the price of taking the devices to be repaired at Apple’s own technical service, so that there is a saving but within a limited range..

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