Is 5G technology harmful to health?


It is a trend. Many people with or without data criticize this. They say that 5G technology is harmful to health. It’s good to know what this controversy is about.

5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks that we know. Thanks to 2G technology, the revolutionary SMS arrived. This led to 3G and a continuous internet connection. 4G gave us a speed of data never seen before. With the development of 5G, dozens of devices will be connected at the same time. Household appliances, street furniture, cars … You can navigate ten times faster than with today’s glass fiber. The famous “Internet of Things” is becoming a reality.

We really need to know if 5G technology is harmful to health.
We really need to know if 5G technology is harmful to health.
Formal studies

A study published by the WHO in February 2020 explains what 5G is. Analyze risks, technology development and more. It concludes that there is as yet no indication that it is harmful in any way. He announces that many more studies will be done to determine the possible impact.

Other institutions are also doing their thing. For example, the Scientific Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency and Health. Creation of a report on the new communication networks. His study was called 5G and health. It was released in February 2020. He said, “We can easily rest based on the available scientific evidence.”

Other opinions

But are everyone really good prospects?

Other platforms want to paralyze the entire implementation of the 5G system. They claim that there is little or no research on this new technology. The RWTH University in Aache created the EMF portal. It is a scientific research database on the effects of electromagnetic fields. It contains more than 25,000 published scientific articles on biological and health effects as well as 2,500 studies on mobile communication. Around 350 research studies related to 5G are compiled.

Nowadays there is controversy about the use of antennas that facilitate the expansion of 5G.
Nowadays there is controversy about the use of antennas that facilitate the expansion of 5G.

Environmental groups such as Ecologists in Action are demanding tighter control over the implementation of this type of progress. They explained this on their website in a statement from 2019. “5G technology is used without an assessment of the possible effects on health and the environment.”

Danger everywhere

WHO has declared wireless technologies to be a level 2B carcinogen. And the same statement from Ecologists in Action suggests. However, there are many types of products with the same risk. We consume them regularly, such as coffee, pickles or aloe vera. The Spanish Association Against Cancer says it. Group 2 are products that are classified as likely human carcinogens. It is divided into: 2A, high carcinogenic probability and 2B, low carcinogenic probability. Alcoholic beverages and processed meat are at higher risk. .

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The question is still in the air. Is 5G technology harmful to health? There are still unknowns. But science is clear at the moment. With what is known for certain, it can be said that there are no risks. What will happen later?

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