Is an Xbox Series S worth buying in 2023? Six keys that say yes

You’re thinking about buying an Xbox Series S, but you have doubts because you are not sure what this console can really offer, the life cycle it will have or even its possible gradual abandonment by some developers. Maybe you’re also thinking that it’s worth paying more for Xbox Series X because it’s more powerful, but is it really, is it worth buying an Xbox Series S in 2023?

I think that’s a very interesting question, and in this article we’re going to find out. by reviewing six clues that tell us yes, that this console is a very interesting option, and that this is a good time to buy it. Each of these keys will be properly argued at a technical level, so if you have any doubt about any of them you can expose it in the comments and I will be happy to help you to solve it.

Before getting into the subject I think it is necessary to explain what exactly is Xbox Series S and what position it occupies in the market. It is a console of the current generation that, on a technical level, is far ahead of Xbox One and PS4, and it is also much more powerful than both consoles.

Broadly speaking it has all the advances that have defined the new generation of consoles launched in 2020, and therefore offers all the key features that we can find in PS5 and Xbox Series X. The only difference it has compared to both of them is that has a lower raw power.

Why is it worth buying an Xbox Series S in 2023?

buy an Xbox Series S

1.-It is a technically advanced console

Yes, it is true that Xbox Series S is less powerful than Xbox Series X and that, if we limit ourselves to talk about the GPU, the former also lags behind that of Xbox One X, reaching 4 TFLOPs and the latter reaches 6 TFLOPs. However, this is just one more piece of information to take into account, and does not by itself define what Microsoft’s small console is capable of delivering.

By purchasing an Xbox Series S we are acquiring a console that. has all the key features that define the new generation.:

  • It features a custom Zen 2 CPU with 8 cores and 16 threads, the same architecture and configuration used by Xbox Series X.
  • It has a GDDR6 unified memory architecture with 10 GB in total.
  • It has a GPU based on RDNA2 architecture and equipped with 1,280 shaders. It can accelerate hardware ray tracing, and offers full DirectX 12.1 support.
  • It has a 2.4 GB/s PCIe NVMe SSD as a storage drive.

The Xbox Series S GPU may be a bit less powerful than the Xbox One X GPU, but. the former has a far superior CPU and therefore suffers no bottleneck in that regard. It is a more balanced system, supports state-of-the-art technologies and APIs.and features a high-performance SSD that minimizes loading times in gamesand improves performance when using next-generation graphics engines, eliminating the classic problems of stuttering, popping and slow loading of textures and graphical elements.

Graphics power makes a difference, but it’s not everything, and the Xbox Series S delivers such a great gaming experience that we can enjoy demanding titles such as Cyberpunk 2077 while maintaining a stable 60 FPS at 1080 dynamic 1080p.while maintaining a good level of graphic quality and a more than acceptable NPC density.

2.-It has a very affordable price.

And with the times this represents a very important advantage. The recommended retail price of this console is still fixed at 299.99 euros, but its price has fluctuated a lot during the last few months, and just recently it was possible to buy an Xbox Series S for only 239.99 euros.. At that price this console was practically a gift.

If we want to buy an Xbox Series X we will have to pay. €499.99that is, double what Xbox Series S has cost on more than one occasion. That huge price difference between the two is key because it gives Microsoft’s little one its own space, and because it places it as a really interesting option for those who want to enjoy an experience typical of the new generation of consoles, but with a very tight investment.

It is clear that if you buy an Xbox X Series you’re going to enjoy better performanceand that this console is able to offer a more robust experience at higher resolutions, but not everyone can afford to pay almost 500 euros for a console, and with Xbox Series S you will have a very similar experience for half the price.

Buying an Xbox Series S will allow us to enjoy, as we have said before, all the values that have defined the new generation of consoles, but with a very contained investment. You will not have to break the piggy bank to buy it, and you can rest assured that it is a good investment, as it is a balanced console that will not devalue quickly. Right now we can buy it for 271.58 euros.

3.-Offers great value for what it costs.

Metro Exodus EE with ray tracing on Xbox Series S. Courtesy of Digital Foundry.

And this is clearly seen in one important detail, that. it is impossible to assemble a PC with a similar level of performance and features. to those offered by Xbox Series S with a budget of 299 euros, let alone with one of 239 euros (the minimum price at which it has been possible to buy such a console.

Buying an Xbox Series S will allow us to play previous and current generation titles in 1080p or 1440p resolutions.depending on the requirements of each title, with a good level of graphics quality and rates between 30 and 60 FPS, depending on the mode we choose in the configuration options.

There are titles that prioritize the graphic quality and resolution but move at 30 FPS, and others that reduce the resolution, and sometimes the graphic quality, to move at 60 FPS. We can also find games for Xbox Series S that use hardware accelerated ray tracing, something that would be impossible on Xbox One X.

The SSD used by Xbox Series S also makes a significant difference, reducing load times dramatically (from over a minute to just a few seconds).), and has a positive impact on the performance of games that require continuous streaming of assets, such as Cyberpunk 2077 or Dying Light 2, to give two well-known examples.

The value offered by Xbox Series S in terms of power and technical capabilities is beyond doubt, but we should not forget that this console also gives us access to Game Passa service that puts at our disposal a huge amount of games for only 9,99 euros per month..

I want to end this point with another important detail, and that is. it is likely that the price of Xbox Series S will end up going up in the short to medium term. I do not speak without reason, Microsoft has already confirmed a price increase of Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X in Japan, and we can not rule out that this will also be applied in other countries, including Spain. If you are planning to buy it, you should not wait too long, because you may end up with a price increase.

4.-It has the same catalog of games as Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series S games

This is another of the most important aspects that we must take into account. Microsoft does not allow developers to sideline Xbox Series S.which means that all games coming to Xbox X Series must also be available in a version for its little sister. If this is not met, the game will not be greenlit and will not be able to complete its release.

That Microsoft has adopted this policy is no accident, and. is a guarantee for those who decide to buy an Xbox Series S.. It is a fact that some developers have criticized the hardware configuration of this console, specifically the amount of unified memory that mounts (10 GB versus 16 GB Xbox Series X), and have said that this makes programming games more difficult.

There is no doubt that those developers would be willing to forgo the Xbox Series S version. and to limit themselves to creating games for Xbox Series X and PS5. Obviously this would considerably affect the real value of Microsoft’s little one.

Fortunately for users Microsoft does not allow this, and both in the present and future. both consoles will have the same catalog of games. The only differences between the two will come from the resolution, image quality and ray tracing support, which in some Xbox Series S games will be suppressed due to the lower power of the Xbox Series S.

There will also be no difference in the services available for both consoles, nor in the peripherals, so you can rest assured that buying an Xbox Series S will allow you to enjoy an experience very similar to the one you would have with Xbox Series X.

5.-It will not be abandoned prematurely.

Xbox X Series and S Series

One of the things that most worries those who are hesitant to buy an Xbox S Series is precisely this point, and that is that they believe that because of its lower power it could end up being abandoned early, ie, they think it will have a shorter lifespan than Xbox Series X.. I can confirm that this will not be the case, the console will continue to receive the same support as its big brother, and will have the same games.

It is clear that both will age in a different way, because in the end it is indisputable that Xbox Series X is more powerful than Xbox Series S, but. this will continue to be the basis for game development for the current generation of consoles.and all multiplatform titles will be optimized to run properly on it.

It should be kept in mind that for Microsoft to shelve Xbox Series S before the end of the Xbox Series X life cycle would be like shooting itself in the foot, since. the first one has been a sales success and it would be a breach of trust. that millions of people around the world have placed in its console. Indeed, it would be a very serious mistake and would give it a bad image, and this is the last thing the Redmond giant needs.

With all this in mind it is clear that you can rest assured, if you decide to buy an Xbox Series S you will be making a good investment, and. you will be able to monetize it without problems and enjoy it for many years.. I can’t give you a concrete figure, but this generation has at least 6 or 7 years of life left.

6.-It is small, silent and efficient.

According to Microsoft itself, Xbox Series X has an average power consumption while we play of about 153 watts, while the Xbox Series S is in the range of 73 wattsalthough these values can change up or down depending on the game used. These numbers confirm that Xbox Series S consumes half as much power as Xbox Series X, and is also much smaller, making it easier to integrate into different spaces.

That lower power consumption also has another positive side, and that is. the heat generated is less and therefore the cooling needs of the Xbox Series S are much more modest compared to its big brother, which means that the fan runs at a quieter pace and that the noise level generated is much lower.. Yes, this console is quieter, and you will notice this from the very first moment.

It is also a very efficient console, as it is capable of running demanding games with the configurations we have said while maintaining an average power consumption of less than 75 watts. Getting to that level of efficiency with a PC would be somewhat impossible right now, since just by mounting a graphics card whose power is similar to the Xbox Series S GPU (a Radeon RX 6400 would be the closest) we would already move in the range of 50 watts, and to this we would have to add the consumption of other components (CPU, RAM, storage, etc.).

Smaller size, more efficient operation and lower noise level will translate into. a better user experienceand in a lower cost of ownership, since this lower consumption will reduce our electricity bill month by month, and year by year we will have a small saving that we will be able to spend on other things. Depending on the use we give to the console and our tariff, the difference can go from a few euros to more than 20 euros per year.

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