is Google’s performance getting worse and worse?

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has it google search worsened over time? If we take into account the number of algorithm updates or AI implementations, the simplest thing to think is that the answer will be a resounding “no”, as the company has put a lot of effort and work to eliminate search spam and show only high quality content. However, not everyone feels the same way.

Low quality content, pages that copy texts and ideas from other pages, and SEO techniques that are annoying for the user, this is how Google has worsened over time.

There are many users who claim that Google searches are getting worse and worse. Why? Is it because the content published is of poorer quality? Is the algorithm not working as it should?

This question was asked on a Reddit forum where, while a group of users pointed out that the algorithm updates have made Google better, the vast majority believe Google is worse. In fact, the question was moved to a Twitter SEO community, where the majority response was also that the rgoogle’s results are getting worse.

In the following tweet, from Spencer Haws, we can see how he takes the question from Reddit to Twitter, noting that on the bot platform users have come to the conclusion that Google’s results are getting worse and worse, and ends by asking whose fault is it: Google’s developers or the content creators?

Now, why are Google’s results worse? Let’s look at some of the reasons given in the conversation by users:

Unnecessarily long articles: Another common problem is unnecessarily long articles. In many cases this is due to meet Google’s SEO requirements. However, when a user searches for a specific date and has to navigate a 2,000-word article to find it, something is wrong.

-User experience: One of the main complaints from users has been the user experience of many of these articles. In this regard, many SEO experts have pointed to “list” type articles, in which only a long list of links is published, forcing the user to click on them to find real content.

-Excessive marketing: Another common complaint among users is that almost every article that appears at the top of the SERP is trying to sell something. Even when we do an informal search, to solve a quick question, most of the time we find contents with “call to actions” or that redirect us to other purchase pages.

-Paid content: The worst version of the previous point are those websites that force the reader to purchase or subscribe in order to access the content.

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