Is Old or Outdated Content Bad for SEO?

The content occupies a very important place in the SEO positioning of the pages. With the Core Web Vitals entry As a positioning factor and the growing importance that Google attaches to user experience, the role of content in organic positioning is becoming increasingly important.

Old content should be reviewed and updated or removed depending on the needs of the website.

With this in mind, one often wonders what role a website can play in positioning the page when it is accumulating a lot of old content. SEO professionals often worry about the state of this “old” content, especially if it is not “evergreen” content.

How you work with old content depends to a large extent on the type of website. For example, a news website should keep the oldest news online, including the date on the breadcrumbs, so that users can do so perform historical searches. However, such content should not be associated with modern news or educational content unless absolutely necessary as the information it contains may be very out of date.

For company pages, blogs, or “SEO” websites (such as affiliate sales sites), the decision largely depends on how much effort you can afford. One option could be Update any old content and customize it, possibly changing the keywords to reposition them. Another option would be to clear the content and redirect it.

In the case of deleting the content, a 404 redirect must be performed, or, if there is more recent related content, a redirection with 301.

In some cases, old content may compete for the same keywords as new content. This could be because a keyword strategy was not worked out or old content was not checked. In this case, it is best to combine the articles, save the valid parts of the oldest and redirect the url to the new one. If the old content wasn’t positioned correctly for the keyword, the easiest way is to remove it.

In the same way, many websites change and evolve over time, so it is possible that the oldest content has nothing to do with the current one. In this case, the best thing to do is to remove them and redirect the URLs to the main page or a category page.

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