John Wick 4′, the most ruthless assassin is back in action

John Wick 4, the most ruthless assassin is back in action! Keanu Reeves returns to the franchise as the titular character, with a script co-written by Derek Kolstad and Shay Hatten. Fans can expect even more insane action and vengeance-fueled plots as John Wick takes on new and old enemies in search of a resolution.

John Wick 4, Shazam! The Fury of the Gods, Creed III o The empire of light are some of the most eagerly awaited movie releases for the month of March 2023, which has just begun, but not the only ones. And although in this section we do not include all of them, there is a good selection with the best of what is already coming to theaters in Spain.

Because, yes, in this section you will only find what can be seen in the Spanish billboard, although the most outstanding international releases will most likely coincide wherever you are. And if you are not a moviegoer, but you do like to see everything at home, remember to visit our VOD New Releasesbecause there you have it all, and not every month, but every week.

March 3 movie releases

On the first Friday of March, the movie theater opens with a lot of films: those of Adonis in Creed IIIthe new installment of the most popular boxing franchise on the big screen, even though Rocky is no longer around. Those who are are Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Black Panther) as the lead, Tessa Thompson (Thor: Ragnarok, Westworld) as his wife and Jonathan Majors (Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania., Lovecraf Territory) as the new rival to beat.

For the most nostalgic of the eighties action movies and of one of its most representative stars arrives Detective Knight: Last Missiona very descriptive title for what will be one of the few Bruce Willis movies (Die Hard) that will reach theaters, considering the actor’s retirement due to health problems. Everything points to a milestone, but….

With better prospects is presented Sings with a spark of harmonyan anime film halfway between comedy and teenage drama with a strong dose of musical and the occasional rabidly topical technological element. From the director of Time of Eveif that tells you anything.

Another anime premiering this weekend is. Guardians of the Night: Heading to the Blacksmith Village.… and little more can be added, being one of the most popular series of recent years. This film, in particular, collects and summarizes the first chapters of the first season, in the classic style of these releases that used to go straight to video and now, from time to time, also go to theaters.

March 10 movie releases

Already in the second week of March, the most eye-catching release, but not attractive – in view of how bad the franchise is, no matter how popular it was in its day – is Scream VIa new installment of the mainstream slasher reference slasher in which, in addition to some familiar faces from this and other works, the highlight is the presence of Jenna Ortega (Wednesday) in the leading role.

Another eye-catching release not because of the name, but because of its two protagonists, is the Spanish comedy ***Mari(dos)***, fronted by Paco León (Aida, The plague) and Ernesto Alterio (The other side of the bed, Saint Evita). Another one that points to bodrio, but as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover.

With a more distinguished touch comes Return to Seoula drama with a indie and multicultural production (Cambodian, French, Belgian, Belgian, Korean and even German) with a bit of history and that has already passed its corresponding filter, so if you are looking for a story of personal discovery and clash of cultures, that’s what this one is about.

March 17 movie releases

A superhero movie couldn’t be missing among the month’s releases and that’s Shazam! The Fury of the Godsthe sequel to the previous one and the farewell to the character as we know him, before the DC Extended Universe is rebooted with the intention of reviving him. So now you know: if you feel like saying goodbye to the most powerful boy in the universe on the big screen, this is your chance.

If you’re not into popcorn movies, you might be more interested in Oldiesanother Spanish film, this one of suspense and psychological horror, whose title says it all. It passed through the Sitges Festival with some recognition and if you want another hook, that’s the one from the old Zorion Eguileor, whom you surely remember for his intense role in the intense The Hole. Obvious, isn’t it?

And a little more anime, which usually tends to let itself be seen: Blue Thermal is the title and is shonen pure, so if between this one and Shazam’s you feel like he’s making a sandwich, you know which one you should go see, if you’re going to see one at all. It’s the new film by Masaki Tachibana (Princess Principal, Barakamon).

March 24 movie releases

The penultimate week of March is undoubtedly more interesting as far as releases are concerned, if only because of. John Wick 4the new installment of one of the most successful action franchises in recent years, in which Keanu Reeves will continue to annihilate everything that comes his way. We do not expect anything else, by the way: many and very colorful deaths at a frenetic pace. What else?

However, this last weekend of March will also see the premiere of 65another action, but also adventure and science fiction film whose most outstanding element is the leading role played by Adam Driver (Star Wars, The house of Gucci, Infiltrated in the KKKlan). If you’re into losing on an inhospitable planet, the theory of panspermia, dinosaurs… From the Guinostas in A Quiet Place.

To finish, another Spanish movie… Quite a Spanish thing, in fact, and this one you don’t need to see it to smell the stench of garbage it gives off. But it’s a comedy, it’s full of well-known actors and it’s sure to pass quickly. Or so it would be desirable. Be that as it may, with a title like The Hotel of Trouble don’t wait… Anyway, watch the trailer and decide.

March 31 movie releases

For the last week of March… The last day of March, Friday the 31st, in fact, sees the premiere of The Empire of Lighta film dedicated to honoring cinema, by one of today’s most in-form directors, namely Sam Mendes (1917, American Beauty, Skyfall…). Starring Olivia Colman (The Father, The Crown) and Colin Firth (The King’s Speech, Love Actually).

Of course, if you’re more of a fickle person, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. is yet another proposition to consider, considering, let’s face it, the track record of this franchise in its previous iteration. And no, this one doesn’t look any better, even if the cast beckons, starting with Chris Pine (Star Trek, Wonder Woman) and continuing with Michelle Rodriguez (Fast & Furious, Avatar), the protagonist couple.

A last Spanish, but not Spanish, or so it seems, despite a title reminiscent of Zipi and Zape… But no: Tin & Tina are two brothers touched by the light of the Lord, but in a bad way, augurs the trailer of this horror film starring Jaime Lorente (La casa de papel, Elite) and Milena Smit (Parallel Mothers, The snow girl). If you’re thinking of adopting, don’t watch it. Or do.

To top it all off, to crown the March movie releases comes…. Vicious Beara nice translation of the original Cocaine Beara film with a touch of suspense and a touch of comedy -you tell me if not- which, mind you, is inspired by real events. In addition, it has a curious cast that includes familiar faces from series like Game of Thrones o Modern Familyto the late Ray Liotta (One of our own) is out there…

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