Kandovan is one of the last troglodyte peoples

Can you imagine living in a cave house carved into volcanic rock formations? Kandovan, in Iran, is one of the last troglodyte villages in the world that offers this unique experience. Located in the northwest of Iran, this town, which seems straight out of a fairy tale, stands out for its cave houses. They are carved into volcanic rock formations and create an impressive landscape that combines history, culture and natural beauty.

Kandovan, one of the troglodyte peoples
Kandovan – Image from Wikipedia
A Charming Old Town

Kandovan is located in the province of East Azerbaijan, about 60 kilometers from the city of Tabriz. This troglodyte town has been inhabited for more than 700 years, and its current inhabitants continue to live in the same caves as their ancestors.

The Kandovan rock formations are the result of volcanic eruptions that occurred thousands of years ago. Natural erosion shaped these rocks into conical shapes, locally known as “karan”. Kandovan troglodyte dwellings are carved into these formations, creating a unique and picturesque living environment not found anywhere else in the world.

The houses of Kandovan are not mere cavities in the rock; They are well-structured homes with several rooms, windows and doors, adapted to offer comfort and protection.

The tourist can explore the cave houses

One of the main attractions of Kandovan is, without a doubt, exploring its cave houses. Visitors can walk through the town’s narrow streets, admiring the ingenious homes and observing the daily lives of the residents. Many of these houses are open to the public, offering an intimate look at life in a troglodyte village.

Kandovan House
House of Kandovan – Wikimedia Commons

The Kandovans are known for their hospitality and maintain many of their ancient traditions. Local crafts, especially the production of carpets and textiles, are an important part of the town’s economy. Furthermore, the place is famous for its agricultural products, including nuts and dried fruits, which tourists can buy directly from local farmers.

Another nearby attraction is its hot springs, rich in minerals and famous for their supposed healing properties. These natural springs are popular with locals and tourists seeking relaxation and well-being.

The best time to visit Kandovan is during spring and summer, when the weather is warmer and conditions are ideal for exploring the outdoors. Winter can be quite cold and snowy, which can make some areas of the town difficult to access. It is about an hour from Tabriz, and can be easily reached by road

Other troglodyte peoples in the world

Troglodyte peoples, a rarity today, are scattered throughout the world. Besides Kandovan, in Iran, there are others with their own history and charm. Likewise, countries such as Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Tunisia, Afghanistan, China, the United States, Greece and Italy are home to these fascinating towns. Visiting them is like a trip back in time, a unique opportunity to experience a way of life rooted for centuries. Kandovan not only amazes with its architecture and landscapes, but also immerses you in a rich cultural heritage.

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