Key trends in email marketing [2023]


Developing a marketing strategy is essential to publicize a business, a product or a service. However, there are no magic tricks or unique structures, but each campaign must be adapted to the message, the objectives and, above all, the platform on which the user wants to carry it out. It is not the same to draw up a marketing strategy for television, for online media, for social networks such as Facebook or TikTok, or via email.

In this last area, when developing successful email marketing campaigns, a number of trends can be identified that should be taken into account to develop an effective marketing strategy through email.

In the following article you will find all those that, at present, you should take into account when taking your marketing communications to your potential customers.

What to take into account to develop a successful email marketing campaign?

-Communication professionalism. It seems obvious, but it is worth remembering it in the first place. Time should be invested in checking spelling, so as not to make typographical or grammatical errors, since this type of mistake can generate a loss of professionalism of the company and, even, of credibility.

In this sense, it is advisable to elaborate several messages with different structures instead of closing your mind to the first draft you write. The tone and style of the text should be adapted to the values of the company. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the person you are going to use to address the readers -either by addressing them as you or as you- so that it is always the same and the messages are consistent.

-Clear objective. You have to provide clarity to the one who can become a potential customer of the business. To do this, the message that is sent by mail must show a single action that you want the user to perform.

For example, it may be to go to the website to view a certain product, subscribe to a newsletter or take a survey. It is better to focus all your efforts on a single action than to try to get the user to perform several tasks and end up getting lost along the way.

-Call to action. This can be pointed out from the mail header itself. The more direct the call to action, the easier it will be to get a response. Including buttons with the “call to action” in the body of the email will attract attention and possibly motivate a response.

-Personalization. It is advisable to personalize the messages in order to address more specific mailings and to adjust them as much as possible to the readers’ interests. To do this, it is essential to know the audience. For example, the audience can be known through the use of surveys or by tracking their activity on the business website.

-Catchy headline. For users to end up viewing an e-mail, it is essential to headline it with an eye-catching text. You can resort to metaphors or, if not, to very direct messages that appeal directly to the reader through the use of the second person.

However, care should be taken not to fall into easy clickbait or an excessively boring title. Including emoticons in them can help to attract attention in the inbox.

-Segment subscribers. Only 4% of marketers using email employ customer target segmentation. Brands, once they know the needs and tastes of their subscribers, should send personalized emails, not only in content, but also in quantity.

Do not bombard with emails unless the user wants to receive them. Think that more than 30% of the people who receive an email that is not relevant to them, end up unsubscribing from the mailing list.

-Adapted to mobile formats. It is essential that the messages sent can be easily viewed on mobile devices. To this end, the layout and quality of the images that appear in the e-mail must be taken into account and, above all, the text must not be too long.

-Build a community. Users don’t want to receive promotional messages in their inbox. They need to receive valuable content and feel part of an exclusive community, with which they share values. If emails don’t convey that, they are likely to click on “unsubscribe”.

-Prevent and take your time. Under no circumstances can a promotional campaign for a product or service be carried out through e-mail that has been elaborated in a matter of minutes. Promotional campaigns should be carried out with time and calm, elaborating innovative messages and groundbreaking slogans.

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