Keys to a paid media strategy in 2022

How to improve lead generation

Creating a paid media strategy requires the correct implementation of several ingredientswe have the freedom to customize the different aspects as we wish. However, we have to be very aware of how to implement and configure each of them, because if we do it incorrectly, we may not get the best results.

To create a paid media strategy on the Internet, it is necessary to manage a series of factors and elements correctly.

-Review and establish objectives: A good practice when creating paid ads is to review benchmarks and set targets periodically. Advertisers should look for stronger and more established trends. To do this, quarterly and weekly reviews should be conducted, you should also visualize the data using tools such as Google Analytics.

-Learn how to use tracking technology: It is very important to increase investment in tracking technology that provides the data needed to drive paid media strategies. In this regard, these technologies must maintain customer privacy and comply with current legislation and user concerns. To this end, the Facebook conversions API and offline conversation statistics need to be implemented.

-Test more paid channels: Advertisers should no longer rely on a single platform, as these types of strategies no longer work as well as they once did. For example, when advertisers reduced their budget in the wake of the pandemic in 2020, as social media usage went up, CPMs dropped. Using multiple platforms streamlines the advertising process and, at the same time, prevents us from putting all our eggs in one basket, so if traffic drops on Google, but increases on social media, we will have a presence on both platforms.

-Take advantage of automation systems: Both Google and Bing have tools for automation, either to drive automated bids or to implement changes automatically. On the other hand, it is important to know when we need to implement automated systems and use it to free up time that can be spent on other tasks.

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