Kissing at a distance is now possible

Kissing at a distance is now possible, thanks to technology providing us with the ability to virtually stay connected to the people we love. We can now enjoy intimate moments with our significant others and friends around the world, virtually.

More and more couples are becoming formalized through the Internet. They meet through applications and with the screen of a smartphone or a computer. However, it is now possible, through a device created in China, to kiss at a distance. And once again China is the birthplace of another invention.

giving kisses at a distance

A new Chinese invention makes it possible to give kisses from a distance.

Lovers will be able to feel the heat, the movements of their partner’s lips and the sounds she emits from her place of residence. The device was developed in silicone, is added to the cell phone and is used through an application that is downloaded on it.

The device, which they named MUA, is inspired by the confinements many couples were subjected to during pandemic times. It detects the movement of the lips through sensors and even the intensity of the kisser’s kiss. The person can record sounds to be played back when their partner receives the kiss and the silicone lips heat up slightly.

The developers of this device, say that a couple can “anchor” in the software only their two devices. In this way, neither partner will be able to kiss another person.

Distance won’t stop couples from kissing

The device is also very useful for those who have no partner at all. Through the application, there is the so-called “kiss bank”, where you can try the kisses of different people who leave theirs recorded as a sample in the application.

It is possible to give kisses from a distance
Image taken from DW

During the confinement caused by covid-19, China was one of the most restrictive countries in terms of seeing each other. Many couples spent months without being able to visit each other or see each other in person. This device would have been a good solution.

The device provoked a lot of curiosity and attention on social networks. Many people think that the device will be very useful for couples in long-distance relationships who cannot meet for various reasons. Also, others point out that it lacks a tongue inside the silicone mouth, to make kissing more realistic.

In turn, many other social network users opined that this is a device for “deviants”, because of the absurdity of kissing a mouth with silicone lips.

The company that manufactures it named it Kenengwen, which in English would be Kissing. It is already on sale through e-commerce platforms at a price of 280 Yuan, which at the exchange rate would be about 40 dollars or 37 euros.

Already in 2016, another device they called Kissinger was launched on the market. It consisted of a touch-sensitive silicone pad. It was not successful and it is believed that it was because it did not possess realistic lips. This does not happen the new product, since it looks very realistic.

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