Kodi does not work: what can I do?

Solutions to Kodi problems

Being an open source app and constantly updated, Kodi can present certain failures, as with any other online service. Basically, the problems that the platform sometimes presents can be of two types: local and server.

Reinstallation is the answer to almost all bugs in Kodi, although resetting to defaults can also do the trick.

Unfortunately, if the malfunction with Kodi is coming from the server, there is really little that can be done. However, if the problem with the system is local, you can implement the following tips to resolve the situation and get Kodi working again.

Why Kodi is not working and how to solve it.

– Kodi crashes: One of the most common reasons for Kodi to crash frequently is not having the latest version installed. When this happens, it is best to uninstall the app and reinstall it after making sure you have downloaded the latest update.

– The repositories are not working: the installation of add-ons in Kodi depend exclusively on the repositories or libraries that host those “add-ons”. When these do not work, there is little that can be done, since this failure belongs to the category of problems with the server. In any case, it is advisable to install known repositories or uninstall the software and reinstall it.

– Problems with buffering: this is a recurring obstacle, but also one of the easiest to solve. When you have problems with Kodi buffering, you can try logging in using a VPN, increasing the size of the video cache, clearing the cache or using a code.

– Kodi suddenly stopped working: the cause is usually related to some corrupted file in the Kodi installation folder. In this case, the recommendation is to uninstall and reinstall the platform. However, always bearing in mind that you will lose your data in the process.

– Use a VPN to access Kodi: One of the most common reasons for a malfunction in Kodi has to do with the blocking of transmission requests originating from the system by your ISP. To prevent this from happening, the best thing you can do is to access the app by activating one of the best VPNs on the market.

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