Latest applications of technology in luxury homes

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The latest technologies applied to the real estate sector have revolutionized housing as we understood it until now. Virtually any newly built home today has home automation and other advances, but it is especially the luxury homes for sale that have all kinds of technological details that will make life easier for their next owners.

What are those advances in technology that one can currently find in luxury homes? In this article we are going to review both the latest technological developments and the newest gadgets that will turn your next home into an object of desire. If you want your luxury home to be on the cutting edge of technology, make sure it has these specific devices or functions:

-Luxury homes without wires. It may seem like a minor thing, but it gives the house a distinctive touch when there are no visible cables anywhere. Not even the cable that connects the TV to the socket should be visible, let alone the mess of cables under the desk. To achieve this, it is necessary to have devices that are prepared for long-distance wireless transfer, which, for example, by means of infrared rays, make it possible to connect any device without cables being involved.

-Application of Artificial Intelligence. It will be further developed in the coming years, but we can already find rooms in luxury homes in which Artificial Intelligence makes life easier. For example, in the kitchen, these systems could identify which products each member of the family likes the most and order them directly from the supermarket when they go for lunch or dinner at home. This is just one application among many that could be given, because for example these systems could also be asked to open or close doors automatically, or to lower the shutter automatically when the intensity of the outside light increases.

-Voice center. In the same way that Artificial Intelligence can carry out actions automatically, the residents themselves in the luxury home will also be able to make any request without having to press a single button. The rise of smart speakers – already present in many homes – will evolve into the development of true voice centers in the home. It will be a kind of central control from which all the voice commands given by the different members of the family unit will be managed. The actions will be increasingly complex and will not only serve to turn on lights or lower blinds, but will be able to request combined actions. For example, asking to “clean the room” could have numerous associated actions.

-Safer homes. The application of technology will also allow us to enjoy safer homes, in which facial or fingerprint detection will serve not only to access the interior, but also to allow access to different rooms or the opening of certain doors and drawers. Hundreds of profiles can be created with specific data and that will serve to store the permissions that are given, for example, to each of the guests or friends who come to our home. The validated, could even have free access to the front door once they were identified biometrically.

In the same way, interconnected camera systems will allow greater control of each room and the implementation of autonomous actions – also through the application of Artificial Intelligence – to ensure the safety of the home at all times. Calls to the police, closing perimeters or blocking automatic doors could be actions performed autonomously by the home’s AI.

-Interaction 2.0. Having an immersive screen in the living room or any other room in the house is a reality that allows you to follow the classes of a virtual personal trainer as if you were in the gym or turn the kitchen of the house into an authentic Arabic cooking workshop taught by one of the most prestigious chefs in the world from more than 4,000 kilometers away. The possibilities are endless.

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