Layoffs at Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is going to undertake the dismissal of “several hundred” workers. The company has not specified the exact figure, but it has sent a letter to the employees of the streaming platform in which it warns of the upcoming global restructuring.

The communication of the layoffs comes just one day after it became known that Twitch – a company owned by Amazon – is also going to carry out massive layoffs, cutting up to 35% of its human capital, which represents more than 500 jobs.

Now the cuts reach another of Amazon's areas, its audiovisual content platform, as acknowledged by the director of the business unit, Mike Hopkins, in a letter sent to the staff. It states that those affected will receive new communication “over the next few days”, before the end of the week, at least in the United States, and it may be delayed in other parts of the world. Those affected will receive the compensation that corresponds to them according to the legislation of their country, as well as a package of benefits and support for future collection.

According to the manager, the drastic measure is taken to prioritize investments and ensure the long-term success of the business. To do this, it will stop investing in certain areas and the company will focus on the content areas that generate the greatest impact and profitability. The cuts lead to hundreds of employees being laid off. The layoffs will also affect the MGM Studios area, within the audiovisual sector.

Like many other technology companies, Amazon faced the year 2023 by carrying out waves of layoffs in practically every department of the company. In total, more than 28,000 jobs have been eliminated in the last year, but it appears that the number is not enough.

Now Amazon will restructure Amazon Prime Video, which thus becomes the first streaming content platform to make layoffs in this new year. The news comes on the same day that Google has also announced almost a thousand layoffs globally.

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