Learn how to blur or blur faces and objects with Miui

Today we bring you another simple and practical tutorial where you will learn how to smudge or blur people, objects, car license plates, etc and anything else you can think of.

how to hide people or objects from the Miui gallery?

hide people with miui

Surely you have taken a picture where someone who shouldn’t be in itor you are thinking of selling your car and you want to cover the license plate in a way PRO.

Well, with this tutorial you will learn how to blur those people or objects that you don’t want to appear in it, with the miui’s own gallery and without installing anything else on your phone.

Censors parts of photos with the mosaic and gallery trick

Remember that this trick works for any photo you have in your galleryeven if you have not created it yourself, you can also modify and blur it.

To cover some object or the license plate as we will do in the example, we go to the gallery application and we look for that photo that we want to modify and we press the edit buttonbutton, the second from the left.

blur pictures in miui

We move through the menu to the right and you will find an option that says “Mosaic“and click on it.

xiaomi mosaic

Now you will see several options appear at the bottom, personally to blur images or objects, i like to use option 3.

Then as you can see, you can choose the pixel thicknessor the brush you are going to use by moving the yellow bar to one side or the other.

hide image mode on xiaomi

  • As you can see in the image, you can also add other features like those hearts on the side that look like stock!

Now we just have to hit save, y our image will be totally anonymous and we will avoid unwanted people or things to be seen.

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