Learn how to develop applications on the new Google website

This is google. Get to know the Google resources page

Google officially launched Learn, the update of its website with resources and learning material for developers, which is now one Greater focus on knowledge the skills necessary to develop software and websites using Google technology.

Google has put all of the developer information and resources on a single page to make it easy for application developers to train.

The https://developers.google.com/learn page has been reorganized and now displays educational content separately from the others. The content has also been published within the section on education and learning separated by categories of products and platforms.

This is LEARN, the new Google Developer Resources page

At Learn, application developers have an extensive library to start programming for Android or learn how to use Google tools to improve their own applications. The website is divided into three sections:

– –ways. In this area, the user can find videos, publications, courses, blog articles that are used to create various courses. Check out Pathways to learn how to create a list for an application or how to use Compose, an Android toolkit for creating applications. At the end of each pahtway you will find an exam and upon completion you will receive a badge.

-Subjects. This section is ideal for the advanced user who finds topics on more specific and technical subjects, such as: B. to use Java to develop applications for Google Cloud or to program with Python.

– –Codelabs. It is a system that teaches programming by creating simple applications and adding new functionality to existing applications. For this purpose, Google uses applications itself, e.g. B. Google Compute Engine, Tango or Android Wear.

Finally, at the bottom of the page there is a selection of content that is changing. This section shows the most frequently used «Topics» and «Codelabs». This makes it possible to find a “topic” to create chatbots or a “path” to create a “smart home” using Google Assistant Actions.

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