Learn how to set up the Mi Home Security camera 360° 1080p

have you just bought the Security Camera 360º and don’t know how to configure it? We encourage you to keep reading this post! We will teach you how to configure the Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360 ° 1080p and sync it with the Mi Home app to finally add the security you need to your home.

Mi Home Security camera 360

Step by step: learn how to set up your Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080p, in 5 steps!

To do this your smartphone must have installed the Mi Home applicationif you don’t have it yet, proceed to download it from the Play Storeor from the App Store if you have an iPhone or iPad. That said, follow the steps below to set up the Xiaomi 360 camera:

how to set up the Mi Home Security 360° camera

  1. Enter the my Home app and log in with your Mi account.
  2. Now tap on “Add devices” so that the application detects the camera. Obviously the camera must be turned on.
  3. When the Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080p icon appears, tap on it. After a few seconds it will ask you to which Wi-Fi network you want to connect the camera to, you will have to connect it to the same Wi-Fi that your mobile is connected to.

configure xiaomi surveillance camera

  1. Subsequently you will see the QR code that you must scan with the Security Camera 360°. The camera will notify you by voice when it has been successfully paired with the application.
  2. To complete the installation of Mi Home Security Camera 360if you want to install the camera, you must choose the room where it will be located (bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc).

everything is ready! From the Mi Home app you will be able to view live what the camera is capturing. You can even move the lens at will to capture different angles, and monitor an area that really interests you.

xiaomi 360 camera

Where to buy Xiaomi 360º camera

Currently you can get this smart camera at a price of about 30€ with 1 day shipping , thanks to Amazon.

Video of how to set up the Mi Home Security Camera 360° camera

If you want format of this Xiaomi 360° camera setup video tutorial, I leave you the following one which is the easiest and fastest to set up your camera 100%.

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