Like any social network, Google Maps starts a news feed

Google Maps

When Google Maps launched user profiles and the ability to follow each other this summer, we mentioned earlier that it was a real social network. This confirms the new functionality that the company has just launched.

Google Maps has become Google’s social network

Google has provided Google Maps with a news feed, a list of updates on the activity of the people being followed, and other “content that you might like”. This tool that it’s called “Community Feed”This is the closest thing to the feed of updates from Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networks.

In fact, it’s made up of content posted to a vertical feed that you can scroll through and that users can “like” any of the posts. From there, you can also follow the company that made the publication, for example. ¿Is it Google Maps already a social network or not?? It has all the elements to be considered as such.

This “community feed”, already available to Google Maps users worldwide in both Android and iOS mobile applications, is located on the “Explore” tab of Google Maps. It displays news, updates and recommendations from trusted local companies and sources of information.

For example, you can see the posts published by Google My Business users to inform consumers about new offers, discounts … or the menu of the day at restaurants.

Google makes sure that the Google Maps “algorithm” gives meaning primarily to the content of food and beverage companies that the user is following, especially at the beginning of its launch, but that it shows all the news and always cares about those who “more” might interest »users. Even if users aren’t following a company, their updates can still be viewed.

In addition to this corporate content, there will also be others Content published by Google users Those who are being followed, as well as reviews from Google Local Guides, users who share their knowledge of places and tourist resources of a particular place, and who could also be tracked in Google Maps.

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