LinkedIn launches 350 new free training courses in Spanish

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Microsoft bought LinkedIn in 2016 for $26.2 billion, but the two companies continue to operate independently… although collaborating closely. For example, they develop the Skills for Jobs joint initiative (Skills for Jobs). to provide free technology training to unemployed people and help retrain professionals worldwide.

Microsoft and LinkedIn aim to certify more than 10 million people over the next three years

Within that program, now LinkedIn and Microsoft Launch 350 new courses and six new Career Essentials certifications. for six of the most in-demand jobs in the digital economy.

The new courses will be available in Spanish and seven other languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. They will also offer up to 50,000 LinkedIn Premium subscriptions for those students who take digital training courses, organized by Microsoft’s non-profit partners, and earn a professional certificate as part of this training.

Microsoft’s goal is to train and certify 10 million people worldwide by 2025.helping them to complete their learning pathways and improve their chances of finding a new job.

The initiative is being developed globally, where Microsoft has already helped 80 million job seekers access free training resources. In Spain, more than 1,600,000 people have accessed free training resources from Microsoft and LinkedIn in the last two years.

Both these courses, as well as the six certifications for six of the profiles most in demand by companies according to data provided by both companies (administrative professional, project manager, business analyst, systems administrator, software developer and data analyst) are available on LinkedIn through the URL

In addition, courses developed by Microsoft can also be found on Microsoft Community Training (MCT) and in downloadable format for use by non-profit organizations through LMS (Learning Management System) solutions.

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