Located three engravings with 20,000 years old in the cave of Altamira

The Altamira cave It is one of the great finds in the history of humanity, since it takes us to the true origins of the birth of the species that today, more or less, dominates this planet. And now this news arises in which it is known that they have appeared new prints with an age of about 20,000 years. That is, we are studying the art and customs of our most distant ancestors.

Recall that the cave of Altamira is declared a World Heritage Site by the Unesco. And it is not for less, because nothing like it is known practically in the whole planet.

In fact, after the constant studies and work carried out in the place in recent years, we have not yet revealed the many secrets hidden below. This new finding gives us a good example of this, because the paintings on the rock with 20,000 years old testify.

How are the new engravings of the Altamira cave

We still do not know with real accuracy the age of these engravings, although it is almost certain that the approximate 2000 centuries is a correct figure. In fact, this is evidenced by the paleontologist experts of the Altamira Museum and the Handpas project.

Now three new ones have been located painted hands in the rock, which in turn adds to the half-dozen that was already known, and that are hardly visible for conservation, since they are very old.

The finding has undergone digital treatment to perform the 3D catalog which is carried out from paleolithic hands. So at least he has made it known Carmen de las Heras, the deputy director of the Altamira Museum.

Eight of the painted hands that have been discovered to date can be seen in the Polychrome Room. They are next to representations of horses. A ninth hand is in the Final Gallery. It is located 200 meters and looks like the tip of a child.

Undoubtedly, the latter would be a surprising finding, since there are very few paleolithic hands of this size. It is painted with an intense black tone and, however it is, the hands are considered to be superimposed on horses.

Without a doubt, now it is known how the polychrome ceiling was, since they are older than the famous bison paintings. Be that as it may, after more than 30 years of work, the cave continues to show its greatness and continues to provide surprises to researchers.

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