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Introducing the broker Fortissio. Developed with the mission to provide experts and beginners with a comfortable investment experience, we analyze its main advantages and main features. We analyze its functions to provide the best information.

For those who have some extra money, or are looking for new investment options, trading has the ideal characteristics to start an adventure there. Unlike years ago, today the development of brokers allows anyone to make investments and earn money. But this does not mean that every investment generates economic benefits, nor that any broker is of equal quality.

It is necessary to know how to find the right broker. Knowing our strengths and weaknesses as a broker allows us to compare with the characteristics offered by a broker to know if it will respond to our objectives Fortissio Spainappears as one of the most popular options of the moment.

In this note we analyze its characteristics. How is the service offered to invest, and if we can effectively consider a Fortissio as a viable option to operate and make investments.

Learn more about the broker Fortissio Spain

Broker Fortissio is a trademark of Vie Finance A.E.P.E.Y., S.A. , a registered Greek investment company, duly authorized with license by the Greek Capital Market Commission (www.hcmc.gr), with license number 4/792/20.7.2017 and with a branch established in Germany with ID number 157432 under BaFin. We start the analysis with the information about their licensing frameworks, and compliance with security standards because these data provide peace of mind when registering and starting to invest.

With the broker Fortissio it is possible to make investments choosing from a wide variety of assets, and thus in a fully regulated online trading platform, and working with various investment options. As for the access modes, the ways are two: it has the web version and the mobile version, in which both platforms have exclusively elaborated study tools, which are useful to understand the movements of the financial market.

  • It is an advantage to be able to access from computers or any mobile device. Users will be able to know that they can trade at any time and from anywhere, not missing any investment opportunity.

Another relevant feature of Fortissio is that it includes in its platform all the financial information that every trader needs to make investment decisions. Instead of looking for updated information on other websites, the user of this broker can perform his analysis within the platform. By being available on the platform, the user does not leave the page. Among other relevant features, we can also mention:

  • A set of analysis and technical tools, daily news and market updates; in addition, users can track their orders whenever they wish.

Fortissio allows trading of unique assets at any time and from anywhere.

Leverage, what it is and what to expect in Fortissio Spain

In this section we are going to analyze the information provided by Fortissio regarding leverage, a key concept in the world of trading. Transactions in foreign exchange and derivative financial instruments carry a high degree of risk. But how does this dynamic impact the investments a user makes? The initial margin amount may be small relative to the value of the currency or derivative contract, so the transactions are “leveraged”. This is the starting point for understanding what this is all about.

  • Continuing with the analysis of one of the most important concepts in trading, we can define “leverage” as a loan provided to an investor by a broker, which allows him to trade amounts higher than the original capital deposited in his account. In other words, leverage ultimately magnifies profits and losses.

The high degree of “leverage” is a particular feature that applies to CFDs. The effect of leverage makes CFD investing riskier than direct investment in the underlying asset. The client can gain exposure to the markets by depositing only a percentage of the total value of the trade he wishes to place.

It is this dynamic that the user, especially beginners, should keep in mind when getting started in trading. Knowing the advantages is important, but knowing the degree of magnitude of the risks is indispensable. So, does this mean that trading is too risky? No. It simply means that a relatively small market movement will have a proportionately larger impact on the funds that the Client has deposited or will have to deposit. If the market moves against the client’s position and/or margin requirements increase, the client may be called upon to deposit additional funds at short notice if he wishes to maintain his position.

Trading at this broker, as we highlighted at the beginning, is done with complete peace of mind, and this is one of the best benefits for users. Fortissio is an EU regulated brand subject to the Hellenic Capital Market Commission. This means that all traders enjoy the services provided by regulated brokers with the assurance that they are subject to all financial laws and requirements.

Fortissio warns about risks and takes care of its users

“Trading contracts for difference (“CFDs”) is VERY SPECULATIVE AND HIGH RISK and is not suitable for all members of the general public.” This is the announcement including Fortissio Spain to ensure that its new users are aware of the risks involved in trading, not as negative information or information that jeopardizes the benefits of this activity, but on the contrary, a call for the trader to move away from chance and towards professionalism.

Improving as a trader is possible, in a constant way, and within the platform of Fortissio Spain thanks to its outstanding analysis tools, real-time market information, and the educational material it offers to its users. However, it is necessary for every trader to make sure that he/she understands and is willing to assume the economic, legal and other risks involved.

Featured Fortissio Tools: Autochartist

Autochartist is a technical analysis tool. It is a scanning tool that analyzes markets and highlights opportunities. With the help of Autochartist traders can sift through large amounts of data, identify chart patterns and predict future price movements, which helps them save time.

  • Fortissio’s effort to provide its clients with the necessary tools to help them grow as a trader and make better investments can be seen in the tools it offers and their usefulness in developing investment strategies.
  • Traders can use this tool to get a better view of all the data collected from the markets and understand market behavior. In addition, this tool saves time and can help in developing different trading strategies. The user should learn how to take advantage of these tools that allow to choose the best trends and opportunities to invest.

Below, we share the benefits that Fortissio understands what this tool brings to the table.

  • Automated technical analysis: chart pattern analysis, price forecasts, support and resistance levels and more;
  • Probability filters – filter out important market events of significant value and check past performance and patterns;
  • Volatility analysis – identifies when the market is most volatile and helps traders set appropriate exit levels;
  • Daily market reports – Autochartist sends traders important daily updates and changes in the markets.

Final conclusions on Fortissio

In order to make proper use of the tools offered by the broker, it is of course necessary to make a certain commitment to the professionalization and growth that is required of the skills you have as a trader.

The proposed mission Fortissio Spain is to definitely generate a change in the world of trading, making it possible for both experts and beginners to operate in a modern, comfortable and safe platform. Its objective is to increase the efficiency of its users’ operations, so that their investments have more possibilities of obtaining economic benefits. You can learn more about Fortissio reviews here.

We can say that it is worth investing in Fortissio. It is a transparent, dynamic and easy-to-use option for any type of user, regardless of experience and previous training. Finally, it stands out for being at the height of the best brokers in terms of accessibility, being able to access its platform both from the web version and from its mobile app. With a weight of only 18 MB for Android devices, and taking into account that to access its web version no downloads or installations are required, this broker has the best features to grow as a trader, operate with peace of mind, and improve skills with the passage of operations without having to leave the platform.

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