Low temperatures to lose weight

Who would say You don’t associate the common cold with losing weight. Maybe it’s more associated with heat when you think of the sauna. But it turned out to be the other way around. Exposing your body to the cold can cause it to produce brown fat. It’s the type of fat tissue that can aid weight loss. Learn how low temperatures affect weight loss.

Learn to use low temperatures to lose weight.
Learn to use low temperatures to lose weight.
White Brown

The fatty tissue in our bodies can be white or brown and each serves a different purpose. White adipose tissue is that Standard grease lifelong. It is responsible for storing our energy in large droplets of fat that accumulate in the body. It To explain the portal Healthline.

The accumulation of fat helps keep your body warm by insulating the organs. However, too much white fat is not a good thing for the human body. This would lead to obesity. And it’s linked to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other medical conditions.

Brown adipose tissue stores our energy in smaller fat droplets. In addition, it is rich in mitochondria, structures that are known to be the powerhouses of our bodies. They use fat to generate heat, clarifies the scientific journal Discover.

Burning brown fat heats the body without shaking it, a process known as thermogenesis. You will also burn calories during this process. Hence, this type of adipose tissue is considered a potential treatment for obesity and some metabolic syndromes. “In other words, the higher the percentage of brown fat, the easier it is for us to lose weight,” He said on her Instagram account Zujra Pavlova. She is a popular Russian nutritionist.

You already have a good reason to run in the snow.
You already have a good reason to run in the snow.
Not just with babies

The scientific community used to believe that only babies had brown fat in their bodies. It was believed to go away when people reach adulthood. But adults have small stores of brown fat that they can increase.

How can you increase the brown fat content? Pavlova gives the answer. We need to expose the body to low temperatures and do physical activities. Research suggests that two hours of daily exposure to temperatures around 19 ° C may be enough to convert the fat available in our bodies into brown fat.

You can take a cold shower. Maybe turn down the house thermostat a few degrees. Or going outside in cold weather – all of these are steps that can help create more brown fat. Use low temperatures to lose weight.

Physical activity helps the body make a protein called irisin. Something Experiments Research done in mice suggests that this protein may help turn white fat into brown. Anyway, you already know. A bit of a cold doesn’t hurt … and will help you stay in shape.

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