Magnet Helps Achieve Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion will be possible thanks to a newly created magnet. It is the way to imitate the energy generated by the sun, but in a laboratory. It is an inexhaustible source of clean energy.

nuclear fusion
The very powerful magnet that can make nuclear fusion a reality in four years. (MIT-CFS)- The Confidential
Nuclear fusion is a hope for the planet

Although many confuse fusion with nuclear fission, they are absolutely different. Nuclear fission leaves dangerous radioactive waste, as happened at Fukushima and Chernobyl.

The main difference is that nuclear fusion promises clean, sustainable, inexhaustible energy. It has an output similar to the sun. It leaves no waste and does not pollute the environment. Although it is still in development, the prospects are excellent.

There are many ventures around the planet avocados to get it. Some are produced with public revenues and others belong to private companies. For this reason it is estimated that in five years or so, this type of inexhaustible energy will be a reality.

They develop a superconducting magnet that is the hope for the future of the planet

Recently, a team of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) made an important finding. Developed a groundbreaking superconducting magnet that is the most powerful in the world so far.

These researchers have been working for years on a nuclear fusion reactor. In this type of reactor, magnets are a key element. The mission is to recreate inside the reactor the same conditions as in the centre of the sun of our planetary system.

When isotopes of tritium, deuterium and hydrogen fuse, a plasma is generated that must be kept suspended. Magnets have the ability to keep the plasma in the center of the reactor, without it hitting against the reactor walls.

It is the energy of the magnetism of the magnets that best keeps the plasma stable in the center of the reactor. The reactor developed by the MIT scientists is about 3.3 meters in diameter. According to them, it could be the size of a football field, although the result would be the same.

The reactor was given the name ARC and for it they developed this new magnet. This magnet uses high temperature superconductors. This allows for highly intense magnetic fields in small places.

nuclear fusion magnet
This is the world’s most powerful fusion magnet. (MIT-CFS) – El Confidencial

According to MIT scientists, this magnetism is achieved using only 30 watts of power. Other magnets that scientists tested in the past with copper superconductors, consumed 200 million watts.

Characteristics of a magnet that makes nuclear fusion feasible

The idea for this new magnet was developed during an MIT nuclear engineering class. A novel superconductor in the shape of a flat ribbon had recently come onto the market.

They achieved intense magnetic fields in confined spaces. Until then, it was only possible to achieve the same magnetic fields in structures 40 times larger.

Each magnet is composed of 16 superimposed plates and was modified by testing. A magnetic intensity of 20 teslas was then reached, the highest ever achieved by a superconducting magnet.

Although there is still a long way to go, we are getting closer and closer. A real power plant needs to be created, and the results are positive. MIT scientists claim that the new, clean and inexhaustible energy will be available by 2025.

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