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In the latest Brandwatch consumer opinion report in the Covid-19 environment, more than 5,000 people in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain were interviewed in real time through mobile surveys to know some of its plans in this context of the crisis.

Some of their responses show how spending habits changed during the lockdown and how consumers expect their money to be used once the pandemic is contained.

Postponed purchases

In Spain, in addition to holidays, we have postponed home improvement, subscriptions, electronics and new vehicles.

Have you postponed or canceled some purchases during the pandemic?

Brandwatch report
Thanks to this global graph, brands can simultaneously evaluate consumer insights in different markets in order to act accordingly by adjusting their actions, strategies and local content.

A changing mindset

To understand how consumer attitudes are changing, businesses need to analyze their attitudes and habits in real time and prepare for uneven sales patterns in 2020.

Sometimes the increased demand needs to be met, sometimes the mission is to reduce losses.

See the full consumer data report.

What are people going to do with their money?

The report asked about spending and savings intent to find out how consumers are likely to manage their money.

In Spain the main responses were: “I will keep spending the same” and “I will save money”.

With this in mind, brands should know that price can be the main motivator when buying a product or service.

What is your spending intent during the pandemic?

Brandwatch Report 2

Thanks to real-time mobile surveys, we were able to find out other aspects of consumer opinion related to the pandemic:

-How people want to travel.

-What factors – price, local product, other? – will take them into account when purchasing a product.

-What are your main concerns and concerns right now.

Brandwatch technology delivers this meaningful feedback on the questions you ask yourself through its digital survey system.

Get accurate information on product reviews, buying preferences, current affairs or local issues to stay agile in an ever-changing global context.

See the full report.

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