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One of the main problems encountered by small and medium-sized companies when implementing marketing campaigns is that they are impossible or very difficult to implement, either because of cost or effort. Although it is true that it can be a challenge, the truth is that there are many things we can do, without having to spend a large amount of money.

Today, it is possible to generate digital marketing campaigns and actions without the need to invest large amounts of money or work.

In this article, we want to share some marketing ideas that will allow you to improve the visibility and reach of your business, in a very simple way and in just a few steps.

-Create content Creating content is one of the best ways to position ourselves in Google and all its tools, from Google Maps to Google Business Profile.

Nowadays, we have many options to create content and also a lot of facilities to do it. We can create content from a laptop, but also from a smartphone.

In this sense, we have many possibilities, from uploading photos of our workers, products or facilities to Google, introducing new team members with a small text or a post on social networks, to uploading a team leader photo doing something funny.

We can also create memes with our own images, make a video explaining how to use a product or how to do something, show our support for local causes or make videos with our customers’ testimonials.

An excellent source of visibility would be to develop a content strategy for a blog. These contents can be informative, to attract more visits, but they can also be used to make sales and improve the user experience.

-Social networks Social networks are very important to gain visibility, as traditional media, such as newspapers, are losing influence. This makes customers search through social networks and other platforms such as Google, rather than traditional media.

In this sense, you can apply the above mentioned about content strategy, images and videos from the previous point to social networks. You can also publish our users’ reviews, make live videos with Q&A sessions, especially if we are preparing the launch of a new product or service. We can also broadcast live when we organize some kind of event.

Social networks can be a good place to find new ideas. To do this, we can review the comments that users leave us, answer their questions and write them down, to create a source of ideas to use to create new content.

-Conversational marketing Nowadays, everyone carries a cell phone in their pocket. Thus, we can take advantage of communication tools, such as WhatsApp or Google messages to create a c-commerce strategy. Conversational commerce has the best open rates and allows to improve sales, compared to other strategies.

For this, we can use conversational chatbots to take care of channeling all the communications we receive to WhatsApp or another communication tool. They can also be in charge of managing many of these communications, selling or performing customer service tasks.

Of course, we can use other marketing techniques such as e-mail marketing, where we can create workflows to ask for reviews from our customers, send thanks and congratulations, or create a better sales flow, launching personalized offers based on their tastes and previous purchases.

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