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Google announced a number of improvements to its assistant that will help you get more out of speakers and smart devices with screens. The novelties, which cover the area of ​​design, as well as new functions and tools, can be used in both Google Nest Hub devices and devices from other companies.

One of the most anticipated news is the introduction of Dark Mode in Google’s smart speakers

Here are the main novelties, some of which are already available and some of which will be enabled later this week for all smart devices that use the Google Assistant:

-New start screen: Relevant information is displayed depending on the habits of the user and the time of day. Instead of endless horizontal scrolling, the screen is now divided into sections: Time of Day, Home Control, Media, and Explore.

The Time tab is where you can find information that Google deems relevant at that point in time, such as the time of day. B. breaking news, a suitable song for that time of day … The various contents are displayed in mosaic form and occupy a space on the screen proportional to its meaning. For example, when a media file is playing, the tile is larger to show information about what is playing next to the controls.

In the “Home Control” section, the user can access all smart devices in his home and perform various functions. In “Media” you can control other media playing on smart speakers or screens, with links to content that is half over, such as: B. a chapter of a series so that you can look further. Finally, on the Explore tab, Google recommends other content based on the search history and usage pattern that the device normally runs on.

When the screen is inactive nothing changes. Photos will continue to display in a slideshow format or a static clock with the current time selected by the user.

-Dark mode: The Google Assistant automatically activates the new “dark mode” depending on the time of day and the light in the location, which improves visibility in poor lighting conditions and also saves battery.

“Dark Mode” is now also available in other Google products such as Gmail – and in many social networks such as Instagram – and now for the Google Assistant. If it is on all day, it will be applied gradually.

-New alarm: In the morning, a new wake-up alarm will gradually increase the tone and screen brightness for users who have difficulty waking up in the morning without any problems and using the assistant’s dark mode.

View personal employment information Google

-More information. Previously, only calendar appointments could be displayed on smart screens. However, with the new update, you can view information about work and personal accounts at the same time. As highlighted by Google, the user can connect up to five different Google Meet accounts on the same screen and switch from one to the other at any time.

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