Metaverse, Virtual Reality and Crash Games

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The gambling industry is constantly evolving, and new trends are changing the way people bet or participate in games of chance. Now, with the arrival of the era of the metaverse and virtual reality, the question arises of what will be the next step for online poker, live roulette or casino gambling and sports betting. We explain the trends in detail.

1. The metaverse: a social environment in gambling

Who hasn’t heard of the metaverse? Today it is everywhere and we also find it in the world of iGaming, presenting interesting opportunities for online gambling and sports betting.
One of the most exciting facets of the metaverse is the ability to create much more immersive interactions between players. In this context, three-dimensional replicas of physical game rooms are recreated, where players can create avatars to place your betsinteract with dealers and other players, and enjoy their gambling favorites.

Online casinos are already working on technologies that will allow players place bets in the metaversemeaning they will be able to go online and bet on events like the World Cup, offering a much more immersive and social experience for players.

One of the most notable initiatives in this area is that of Decentral Games, which already has an average of 6,000 monthly users and has generated profits worth $7.5 million in just three months since its launch. For now, you can only play poker, there are no sports bets.

2. Virtual reality in online casinos: an immersive experience

Virtual reality (VR) focuses on immersing the user in a completely digital environment, often through devices such as VR glasses or headsets. In this case, it is about recreating an environment that is as similar as possible to a casino. physical, without the need for social interaction.

Some of the most distinctive features of virtual reality casinos:

-A more realistic casino design, similar to a physical environment.

-Slot machines with improved design and graphics.

-Effective virtual interactions between the player and the casino environment.

-3D game tables that provide a complete and realistic environment.

One of the trends with virtual reality is the transmission of sporting events and matches in which you can enjoy a live event in 360 degrees, as if you were in the stands, while you place your bets live.

3. Crash games: future candidates for the metaverse and virtual reality?

If we talk about interaction and immersive experience, what currently most resembles this type of trends in conventional online casinos are live poker and roulette (with real dealers) and the new crash betting games.

Crash games are a new modality that has become very fashionable among betting games in Mexico, For example. In this game, players bet that an element, which is usually a rocket, a superhero or an airplane, goes up, increasing its value: that is, it is a bet with a multiplier. The higher the item goes, the more money you earn.

However, they must withdraw their bet before the element “crashes” or “falls” to zero. If they withdraw their bet before the accident, they win based on the multiplier at which they did so. If they don’t do it in time, they lose their bet.

Crash betting games are more immersive and interactive than other types of gambling for several reasons. Firstly, multipliers typically increase at a rapid rate, creating a sense of excitement and suspense. Players can also interact with the game in real time and see what other players are doing. In addition, they usually offer realistic graphics and animations, which help generate a more immersive experience. Will this be the new acquisition of virtual reality casinos and metaverses?

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