Mexico without rain for decades

The problem of drought is a critical problem for nations. It is for this reason that studying matter and knowing how to predict it is vital. Looking at the past, we can anticipate the future. For example, could Mexico run out of rain for decades? Researchers from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) devoted themselves to this task.

Could Mexico do without rain for decades?
Could Mexico do without rain for decades?
Traces of the rain

As always, the best reference was the past. Therefore, the country’s rainfall records were tracked. And something was discovered that could be alarming. A long dry spell that previously affected the area.

“The study looked at 2,000 years of indirect records (from a cave). He found that there were wet periods, but also brutal droughts. They don’t last a year or two like the ones we’ve suffered, but decades and even hundreds of years, “said Benjamin Martínez López. He is a researcher at the Center for Atmospheric Sciences at UNAM. He explained this during the virtual conference” Effects of the Drought in Mexico “.

He added that this worried the scientific community. This is a risk to the valley of Mexico (south center) where the capital is located. Could this dry spell be repeated? Could Mexico do without rain for decades? “It could be ten years or more than a century because it has already passed. And there is a latent risk that it will happen again, ”says the researcher. “And these would be strong problems”.

Currently, 83% of Mexican territory is suffering from drought.
Currently, 83% of Mexican territory is suffering from drought.
Drought in Mexico

The Mexican capital lies on a dry lake. Its origins go back to 12,700 years ago. And it is in a period of drought that could soon end with the end of the climate phenomenon The girl.

Currently 83% of the Mexican territory is affected by some drought. This is explained by Christian Domínguez Sarmiento, a colleague of Martínez López. The valley of Mexico is surrounded by mountains. Various pre-Hispanic populations have settled there for hundreds of years.

Both scientists said that in addition to the effects of climate change, human management and demand for water can also affect regions. And make more droughts worse.

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