Microsoft Teams launches an exact copy of Facebook

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Teams is the tool Microsoft is betting on for making video calls, especially in professional environments. Now, with the launch of a new feature called “Viva Engage”, the company wants to provide the tool with a Slack-style productivity suite, where work teams can share much more than video conferences: documents, shared tasks, planners and calendars, etc.

Microsoft abandoned the Stories format on LinkedIn last year, but now brings it back for Microsoft Teams’ Viva Engage

Microsoft had already bought a similar, enterprise productivity tool 10 years ago now, called Yammer, but had to shut it down in 2019 and has since focused on developing Microsoft Teams.

Now it endows Teams with those corporate collaboration tools with Viva Engage. It is a suite with specific functionalities to favor teamwork and productivity in the company, but almost what is most striking about it is its design: it looks very much like Facebook.

To judge whether this statement is true or not, just look at this image. It is not a profile on Meta’s social network, but Viva Engage, the new Microsoft Teams productivity suite.

Microsoft Teams

what are the features included in Viva Engage? With this tool you can develop digital communities and common communication places for cooperative environments. It has a feed where all members can see the updates and interactions of other users of their company, where they can upload posts, videos, images… just like in Facebook, with a look & feel very similar.

In fact, it possibly mimics the format to thus encourage users to share content on a platform they are already familiar with. It even includes a Stories part, where users can upload photos and videos that will expire 24 hours after being published. Interestingly, Microsoft already abandoned the Stories format last year on its professional social network, LinkedIn, which it bought in 2016. Now, however, ephemeral content is back as part of Microsoft Teams’ Viva Engage.

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