Microsoft Teams reaches 145 million users every day

Microsoft Teams, Microsoft’s video conferencing tool, has already surpassed that 145 million users per day. Last year, due to restrictions and teleworking, the app rose from 75 million users in April 2020 to 115 million in October that year. An additional 30 million users have been added in the last six months, an increase of 26%. Before the pandemic broke out, Microsoft teams barely reached 32 million daily active users.

The video conferencing app has doubled the number of daily active users in a year

The news was posted in a tweet by Jeff Teper, the company’s vice president, thanking the support and work of the tool’s employees and customers following Microsoft’s release of quarterly results.

While the numbers for the app are excellent, Microsoft teams are still a long way from catching up with other most downloaded video conferencing tools like Zoom, which has around 300 million daily active users and which saw a 326 million% increase in revenue last year.

These numbers were known on the same day that Microsoft teams suffered a global decline in the number of users reporting on social networks. When trying to access the service through the website, I received messages with error code 401. The bug that has struck users all over the world is the second that the tool registered this month in April.

After several hours of failure, Microsoft announced this on its Twitter account The service has already been restored and if a user is still not working, it would be enough to restart the system to get it back in the correct state.

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