Millionaires build bunkers to survive mankind’s holocaust

There are people who fear the holocaust of humanity and that is why they are preparing. Because of the carelessness with which many of those in power have taken on climate change, many are preparing for a possible apocalypse. Not only because of the climate and the greenhouse effect. It is also a matter of concern for international politics. More and more the great powers want to have world supremacy. In addition to the pandemic that is still going on.

holocaust of humanity
Bunker-image taken from CNN
How do they seek to survive the holocaust of humanity?

Those who have this fear are preparing to survive a possible holocaust of humanity. As happened in the middle of the twentieth century with the cold war, but with more luxuries. The most economically powerful build underground bunkers to lock themselves in for as long as the end of the world lasts.

Although today’s bunkers are very different from those of the Cold War. Those were concrete rooms with lots of beds and full of tin cans. Today’s bunkers are real apartments with all the luxuries, services, comfort and water for five years without going above ground. Of course, these underground apartments are not for everyone. Only millionaires can have access to them. It can be said that it is 1% of the world’s population.

They believe that underground construction is the solution..

A former U.S. government contractor, Larry Hall, is building these bunkers in abandoned missile silos. The idea is to build down instead of up. Like skyscrapers, however, they are directed towards the “center of the earth”.

Hall began with the construction of the first condominium in 2010 in rural Kansas. With the advent of the covid-19 pandemic, interest in these survival condos increased. Today, the former contractor is developing several such projects. Not only in the United States, but also in Asia and Europe.

The original Survival model consists of five thousand square meters of floor space. It is prepared with enough food and water for its 75 occupants to survive for five years. These five thousand square meters are distributed over 15 floors dug more than 60 meters underground. There are 14 units of luxury apartments with all the comfort that can be demanded.

Special features of the complex

Because they were placed in former missile silos, they can withstand nuclear detonations of 20 kilotons. Very similar to the nuclear detonation that occurred in Nagasaki. The cement used in the construction is also special. It can bend several inches without even cracking.

They don’t have windows, but they do have giant screens-image taken from Xataka

As for luxuries, the silo was equipped with a 75-meter swimming pool. Plus a spa and a luxurious, fully-equipped sauna. The complex also has a golf course, a cinema room, a multi-purpose room, a gym, a climbing wall, a dog room with a park and a shooting range.

A supermarket, a medical center, an aquaponics room and a school complete the services of the Bunker. Virtual windows with screens equip the rooms so as not to feel the confinement. The idea for the hall began to take shape after the terrorist attack of September 11.

The original Kansas condo was sold in its entirety. Prices range from an 85-square-meter apartment to $500,000. The largest of 334 square meters have a cost of 4.5 million dollars.

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