Minnie Mousse changes her wardrobe and will wear pants for the first time

On March 6, 2022, Disneyland Paris celebrates its 30th anniversary. They are planning a big celebration and one of their surprises is no longer a surprise and they unveiled it on Twitter. Minnie Mousse will change her look for the first time ever. She will leave aside her iconic red dress with polka dots combined with a bow, to wear a beautiful set of jacket and pants.

Minnie Mousse

The story of Minnie Mousse

Minnie is a nickname, her real name is Minerva. She is a character with her own identity and is a total idol of the youngest children’s public. She is feminine, elegant and very cheerful and intelligent. She always tries to see the positive side of things and transmits happiness.

She is one of the main characters in the history of Walt Disney Picture and not least in Disneyland Paris. She is a famous cartoon and is the girlfriend of Mickey Mousse. She debuted on May 15, 1928 alongside her boyfriend in a silent short called Plane Crazy.

A few months later that same year Disney released its first cartoon with sound featuring Mickey and Minnie. They were very successful and so in March of the following year they released the Plane Crazy cartoon with sound.

The famous little mouse changes her look and will wear it at the big celebration

Minnie Mousse will wear a jacket and pants suit. It was specially designed for her by British fashion designer Stella McCartney. Not only the model changes but also the color, replacing the classic bright red with blue.

Minnie Mousse changes her look
Minnie Mouse in jacket and trouser suit designed by Stella McCartney Twitter @DisneyParis_EN

The outfit includes a long sleeve jacket and pants. Both are blue with black polka dots and adds a bow made with the same material. The change also involves her footwear, which changes from bright yellow to a very elegant dark blue.

The model of the jacket and trouser suit is a trend in current fashion. Fashion specialists believe that the fact that Minnie Mouse wears it may produce changes in the way her followers dress. However, hundreds of Minnie Mouse fans disapprove of this change and publicly express their disagreement.

At her fresh and young 94 years old, the figure of the little ears, Minnie Mousse changes her look and renews her image completely. Will the Walt Disney Company finally get the followers to accept the change? What do you think?

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