Misspelled keywords affect SEO positioning

Keyword density, what is it?

Keywords are one of the most important factors in positioning a website in search engines as they define in which search queries a website will appear. With that in mind, it has been the custom in the past to try this Position misspelled keywords or errata, but does this technique still work in current algorithms?

Google is already able to recognize and correct a misspelled word in order to display the appropriate content for the user’s search.

The first algorithms were very simple in that they basically showed all of the content, including the exact word or phrase the user had entered in their search, and sorted the results based on the frequency of occurrence. These algorithms They were pretty easy to fool and for this reason, many SEO professionals are abused by typing the keyword anywhere.

These black hat SEO techniques forced Google and other search engines to refine their algorithms and introduced improvements like Semantic SEO and LSI that allow Google to read and understand the pages and their pages Content by contextto be able to distinguish between “natural” and forced use of keywords.

With this in mind, the algorithms of major search engines like Google and Bing can detect misspellings, typographical errors, and other grammatical errors when entering a keyword. In fact, the Google Trends Twitter account shared a tweet with the words that are the most misspelled words in each US state:

Until recently, it was common for SEO professionals to take advantage of these mistakes and rate content with these misspelled keywords. Today, however, it was both Google and Bing able to spot this bug, correct it and display the correct search results as shown in the following image:

Bad search on google

If you enter a wrong word in the Google search bar and hit “Search”, it will appear Results for the correct wordas well as a suggestion to click on the correct word or if the user wants to search for the wrong word.

On the other hand, search engines place great value on the quality of the content, as the user experience becomes a positioning factor. This means that misspelled words can affect a page’s search engine rankings.

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