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Bypassing the “OK, Google, tell me a joke.” there are several ways to take advantage of Google’s intelligent assistant to have a fun time, far beyond the number of useful commands that can be used gon Google Assistant to make life easier for its users. An assistant that, at times, almost seems to be endowed with a certain sense of humor itself.

Google Assistant is present on Android mobile devices, smartwatches, SmartTVs and compatible speakers

With the simple invocation “OK, Google” there is a multitude of devices that will be on standby to respond to the request or satisfy the user’s curiosity: smartphones and tablets with Android OS, Chromebook laptops, smart TVs with SmartTV, smart watches and smart speakers also compatible with Android.

Beyond solving doubts or providing information, the Google Assistant can also provide moments of fun, both alone and in company. For starters because it can be a more than adequate gaming companion.

-OK, Google, say a random number: Starting with the fact that he can be asked to say a random number, so they could solve a draw to elucidate whose turn it is to go downstairs to buy ice or pay for the next round. They can also be asked to flip a coin, roll a dice or play a game of “rock, paper, scissors”. For fans of the series “The Big Bang Theory“The bad news: for the moment, Google’s intelligent assistant is unable to appreciate the complexity of the “rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock” mode.

-OK, Google, let’s play hangman: It can be played even without paper because the wizard will be reporting the progress of the trace if you do not figure out the correct letters that make up the word to find out.

-OK, Google, sing/count/tell me: It may not know everything, but Google’s intelligent assistant knows a lot of songs, a lot of jokes, a lot of stories and above all a lot of facts. One invocation that will not fail to surprise the user is when asked “OK, Google, tell me a fun fact” because it will always be something unexpected, surprising and generally unknown. Another thing is that this information will be useful at some point in life, other than to surprise the interlocutor with such unexpected knowledge. As for the stories, for those who enjoy being scared, there is always the option of turning off the lights and asking “OK, Google, tell me a scary story”.

-Movie dialogues: This works rather better in English, where their movie dialog database is very large. Just throw a line at it and it will respond with the movie replica. An example might be “OK, Google, I want the truth” to which it would reply “You can’t fit the truth”, in reference to the dialogue between the characters played by Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men” (Rob Reiner, 1992)

-Personal questions: The artificial intelligence of Google’s assistant allows it to solve questions of a “personal” nature: what you look like, what you are wearing, how old you are, if you ever get tired, if you have imagination, if you have feelings, if you prefer “Star Trek” or “Star Wars”…

-May the Force be with you: The universe created by the galactic saga has given rise to countless phrases and commonplaces much appreciated by fans, and it seems that among the programmers of the Google assistant there are a few since it is able to respond and maintain lively conversations around famous quotes to which it responds without hesitation adequately contextualizing its replies. In fact, it is even able to speak Yoda-style.

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