Most Commonly Used Passwords … And What Not To Use

Today, the World Password Change Day, a habit that every internet user should adopt as a routine. It is recommended to change the passwords of all social networks in which we are present, as well as other online services (banking, email, payment systems and long, etc.) at least every three months.

Changing the passwords of the online services used should be a routine exercise every three months

It is advisable to have a different password for each online service we use. This can be tricky when you want to remember them all. However, you shouldn’t make the mistake of having a document on your computer that lists all of your passwords.

Also, you shouldn’t have a typical notebook next to your desk with all the keys written down. In those cases where many passwords are used, it is best to use a password manager. It is free and reliable software that is installed on your computer or included in your web browser by default. The passwords are stored in encrypted form and are used every time by the various online services who need them. The positive is that these services don’t store them, but take them from the manager when they are needed, and so on.

In addition, you should consider the following tips in order to choose a strong password. And don’t fall into the mistake many people make of choosing an extremely simple password that is very recognizable to cyber criminals.

With that in mind, a report produced by SafetyDetectives has focused on the 20 most used passwords in Spain that you should absolutely avoid. It is curious to know what they are. They are as follows:















-Real Madrid




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