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Google has joined the bandwagon of tech companies who used the first few days of December to anticipate and take stock of the year’s events. Twitter already featured the most retweeted and popular tweets of 2020, as well as the most used emojis and some of the most successful marketing campaigns. TikTok has already highlighted the most popular ad campaigns as well as the most viral videos of the past 12 months, and Giphy has featured the most used GIF files in 2020, among other things.

“Coronavirus” was the most searched word on Google in 2020

Now, Google is releasing its traditional summary of the year, describing the terms most searched for by users in 2020. Analyzing them will give you an overview of major internet user concerns for this year that is now ending.

How could it be any different? Coronavirus-related searches are the majority in virtually all of the categories included in the Google report this year. On a general level, this was also the term that Google had more questions about around the world, and in the top 10 other terms such as “Coronavirus symptoms” or “Coronavirus update” and even words closely related to the pandemic, such as: . B. “Zoom”, the video calling app that grew the most in 2020 and has become the most downloaded app worldwide. This would be the general ranking of the world’s most searched terms on Google in 2020:

1) Coronavirus
2) election results
3) Kobe Bryant
4) zoom
5) IPL
6) India versus New Zealand
7) Coronavirus update
8) Coronavirus Symptoms
9) Joe Biden
10) Google Classroom

In addition to providing the list at a general level, Google has also created rankings with the most searched words in specific subject areas: personalities, music, education … and much more. They are as follows:

-The most searched news on Google in 2020:

1) Coronavirus
2) election results
3) Iran
4) Beirut
5) hantavirus
6) stimulus tests
7) unemployment
8) Tesla stock
9) Bihar election result
10) Black Lives Matter

-The most wanted actors and actresses:

1) Tom Hanks
2) Joaquin Phoenix
3) Amitabh Bachchan
4) Ricky Gervais
5) Jada Pinkett Smith
6) Justin Hartley
7) Lea Michele
8) Eleazar Gomez
9) Ansel Elgort
10) Михаил Ефремов

– Most wanted movies:

1) parasite
2) 1917
3) Black panther
4) 365 DNI
5) contagion
6) teaching
7) Enola Holmes
8) Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey
9) Mulan
10) Jojo Rabbit

– The most wanted personalities:

1) Joe Biden
2) Kim Jong Un
3) Boris Johnson
4) Kamala Harris
5) Tom Hanks
6) Jacob Blake
7) Kanye West
8) Ghislaine Maxwell
9) August Alsina
10) Ryan Newman

-The most wanted athletes and athletes:

1) Ryan Newman
2) Michael Jordan
3) Tyson Fury
4) Tom Brady
5) Mike Tyson
6) Luis Suarez
7) Alex Zanardi
8) Delonte West
9) Drew Brees
10) Thiago Silva

-The most wanted concerts:

1) Together at home concert
2) Fire Fight Australia concert
3) Garth Brooks ride in concert
4) Travis Scott Fortnite concert
5) BTS online concert
6) iHeartRadio concert
7) Andrea Bocelli concert
8) Elton John concert
9) Meerkat Music Take the concert
10) Metallica ride in concert

-The most wanted games:

1) Between us
2) Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
3) Valorant
4) Genshin Impact
5) The last of us 2
6) Spirit of Tsushima
7) FIFA 21
8) Crossbreed animals
9) Call of Duty: Warzone
10) ド ラ ク エ ウ ウ ー ク

-People who died the most in 2020 wanted:

1) Kobe Bryant
2) Naya Rivera
3) Chadwick Boseman
4) Sushant Singh Rajput
5) George Floyd
6) 三浦 春 馬
7) Caroline Flack
8) Diego Maradona
9) Sean Connery
10) Eddie Van Halen

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