Most searched on Google so far in Spain in 2021

As a rule, at the end of each year, Google announces the most searched terms of the last 12 months both worldwide and in Spain, the questions that users have asked Google en masse in search of an answer and that serve to discover trends, and they are a reflection of what happened in the year.

Google communicated the most searched terms for the first time in the first half of the year

However, this year the company also published the most searched terms of the past six months. There have been so many changes in the first half of 2021 that search trends are changing too. For this reason, Google has currently published four rankings with the most searched terms in Spain. They are as follows:

-The most searched “How to …” on Google in Spain in the last six months.

1. How is Real Madrid doing?
2. How is the IBEX 35 doing?
3. How is Barcelona doing?
4. How is Atlético de Madrid doing?
5. How is Betis doing?
6. How is Seville?
7. What is the name of the tallest tree in the world?
8. How are the Santander stocks?
9. How to get to Seville
10. How to make french toast

-The “Why …” most searched for on Google in Spain over the past six months.

1. Why or why
2. Why do cats purr?
3. Why do I cry about everything
4. Why do dogs howl?
5. Why do my legs hurt inside?
6. Why is the sky blue?
7. Why are your ears ringing?
8. Why don’t zebras have ulcers?
9. Why hiccups occur
10. Why it is convenient to breathe through your nose rather than your mouth

-The “What …” most searched for on Google in Spain over the past six months.

1. What day is today
2. What time is it?
3. What is happening in Colombia
4. What are you on TV today?
5. What time is it in Colombia / Mexico / Argentina
6. Which dinosaur has 500 teeth?
7. When does it get dark
8. How holy is he today
9. When does Nadal play?
10. What vaccine will I get?

-The “If …” most searched for on Google in Spain over the past six months.

1. When will Real Madrid play
2. When will Barcelona play
3. When is Atlético de
4. When will Spain play
5. When is Mother’s Day
6. When is Easter?
7. When does Seville play
8. When does Betis play?
9. When will Nadal play
10. When does time change

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