Most watched Disney + movies and series after Star launch

The streaming content platform Disney + launched two weeks ago in Spain – and other countries – with a new section called Star, which has its own and third-party content designed for a more adult audience.

Most of the most viewed content on Disney + is in the Star Catalog

The launch raised great expectations about what content to see on Disney + Star and has attracted new people to subscribe to the service, which also allows you to see the titles of Marvel, National Geographic and the mythical films of the Disney factory .

After a few weeks since its launch, Justwatch, the comparator that lets you know which platform is broadcasting the movie you want to see, has compiled a list of the 10 movies and the 10 most watched series on Disney + Star in Spain in those early days.

The ranking of the most watched films and series on Disney + in Spain after the launch of Star is as follows:

– Most of the movies on Disney + were viewed by Star after its launch. “Deadpool” and its sequel “Deadpool 2” occupy the first two places in the ranking of the most watched films on Disney + Star.

In third place within Star is “Moulin Rouge”, although it is surpassed by “The Great Showman”. In fifth place would be “10 Reasons To Hate You”, also from the Disney + general catalog that is not included in Star.

– Most of the series on Disney + in Spain after the launch of Star: In terms of series, the most watched series are also included in Star’s content offering. In this case, “Futurama”, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The Walking Dead” are the three most watched series on Disney +, followed by “Scarlet Witch” and Vision “(not in the Star Catalog) and” Lost “which are in in this case also belong to Star.

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