Mount Kailash is a natural, mysterious and sacred pyramid

Mount Kailash is located in western Tibet, in the Transhilalaya. It is considered the most sacred mountain in Asia, by no less than five religions. Hinduists, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs and the Bön religion, which is the animist branch of the Tibetan cult.

Mount Kailash

Some peculiarities of Mount Kailash

Among the Himalayan mountains, Mount Kailash is not among the highest, measuring 6,638 meters. However, it is a perfect pyramid, with four well-formed sides. Even each of its four sides coincide exactly with the cardinal points.

Its snowy peak and the halos of light it radiates when reflecting the sun, turned this mountain into a sacred place. For the five religions mentioned, it symbolizes enlightenment and the highest degree of spiritual elevation. At its summit sits Shiva, the deity.

In its vicinity, three rivers originate, the Indus, the Sutej and the Brahmaputra, which are among the longest in Asia. At its feet is the Mana Sarovar Lake, considered the lake of the mind and the Rakashastal.

The mountain is located in one of the most inaccessible places in the Himalayas. However, it is a pilgrimage center for people from all over the world who visit in search of spiritual peace. In Tibet they consider it “the stairway to heaven” and the center of the world.

It should be noted that it is not considered the center of the world solely by religions, since scientific studies support this fact. There are researchers who claim that Mount Kailash is located right on the rotational axis of our planet.

Some numbers support the theory that it is the center of the world. It is located 6,666 kilometers from the North Pole and the same distance from another mysterious site on our planet, Stonehenge. And if we measure its distance from the South Pole, it is exactly double that, 13,332 kilometers.

It is not a climber-friendly mountain.

Although many climbers tried, no one was ever able to conquer its summit. According to the Tibetans, at the summit is the throne of Shiva, who lives there with his wife Nandi. Shiva, and does not want any human to disturb the peace of his abode.

However, there are many challenges that climbers must overcome in order to reach the summit, and some are almost impossible to overcome. Bad weather, tricky trails, altitude sickness, gusty winds, are just some of the inconveniences that deter even the most experienced lovers of this sport.

One of the mysteries that has always attracted the most attention is its perfect natural pyramidal shape.

Mount Kailash has a pyramid shape

Mount Kailash is considered “Axis Mundi”, “the center of the universe”, “the navel of the world”, “the pillar of the world” or “the precious jewel of the snow” (Kang Tise in Tibetan), among others.

There are even other theories that it was made by the hand of man or that in ancient times the Kailash was a nuclear reactor built by an advanced civilization. Likewise, an ophthalmologist from Russia, Ernst Muldashev, presented a hypothesis in 1999 that it is a pyramid built by man. According to his theory, the Kailash is connected with the pyramids of Gizah and Teotihuacan.

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