MYHIXEL Play, an app designed to improve men’s sexual health

One in three men has experienced premature ejaculation at some point in their life and the vast majority of them, up to 80%, never see a specialist if they have problems related to their sex life.

The app offers a playful experience that restores a spatial environment

Despite the fact that there is still a certain taboo about talking about sexual wellbeing in men, male sexuality is also complex and needs to be considered. With this aim MYHIXEL is created, a spanish startup Founded in 2017 and led by the Sevillian Patricia López who developed a method based on medical research by a team of sexologists, doctors and scientists that allows men to naturally control their ejaculation.

A mobile application called MYHIXEL Play was created for this purpose, which, together with the MYHIXEL I amusement device, emulates real penetration and combines a scientifically proven and playful method. As a result, it offers two ejaculation control solutions: MYHIXEL MED for men who are worried about premature ejaculation, which includes an online consultation with a specialist, and MYHIXEL TR, which is aimed at any man who wants to improve his sex life thanks to him ejaculatory control.

How does the MYHIXEL Play app work?

The MYHIXEL Play app can be downloaded from the Android application store – Google Play Store – or from the iOS – Apple Store. However, in order to use them, you must purchase a package – MYHIXEL MED or MYHIXEL TR – that contains the MYHIXEL I device.

Every man can practice this via the app Method of evacuation control from privacy Your mobile phone and the comfort of your home. When installing the application, you will need to answer a series of questions to assess your starting point in terms of health and sexual satisfaction, and most importantly, to tailor the program to your specific needs.

From there, challenges and activities will be introduced to you in a playful way that will allow you to gain progressive control over the mechanisms involved in ejaculation. In an entertaining way – as the app simulates a spatial context – but supported by scientists, you will learn how your body reacts during the evacuation process while you enjoy masturbating. Each activity is explained in a simple and didactic way with videos and explanatory texts.

The full program takes an average of 10 weeks, with the recommended frequency of use being three times a week. In addition, the entire program is developed from the privacy of the user’s mobile phone or tablet with a full guarantee of Confidentiality, anonymity and security of the data processed por la app MYHIXEL Play.

On the one hand, the data in the app is absolutely safe. The development of the application followed the demanding security auditing standards for mobile applications – MasVS from OWASP – and the cloud infrastructure that supports this app is certified according to the security standards ISO27001 and ENS.

What is more important, however, is that the app is completely anonymized. The architecture of this application is designed so that no personal information has to be collected from the user. The app usage data was thus anonymized. In addition, the data of the user of the app does not relate to the data of the MYHIXEL buyer, which protects the privacy of customers.

In addition to these first two climax management solutions, the company is already working on new solutions to other men’s sexual health problems.

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