MyTV, for watching traditional television as in the past

traditional television past

Technology and creativity combine to bring a unique experience to lovers of vintage television by reviving the nostalgia of old television through the Internet.

To access the “temporary channels” simply visit with the web browser an address with the format “”, detailing the desired decade

At some point in the past, someone had the ingenious idea of gathering classic YouTube videos and superimposing a TV mask on them, meticulously sorting them by decade. This ingenious idea spawned a series of websites, each dedicated to a specific decade, allowing users to revisit past eras of television.

The concept behind these platforms, known as. “My TV” followed by the name of the decade. corresponding decade, is simple yet captivating. Each site features a virtual TV set with a design tailored to the aesthetics of the era, providing an immersive and evocative experience. Accessed here:

These virtual TVs feature basic buttons that allow users to turn the TV on and off, adjust the volume and randomly change channels, replicating the experience of watching television as they did in the past.

One of the most interesting features of these platforms is their meticulous thematic sorting of available videos/channels. Topics include a wide variety of choices, from cartoons and commercials to comedy, quiz shows, drama, news, soap operas and sports, and even “special” programs. The general list of themes allows users to select their preferences to customize their viewing experience.

Each of these platforms, being focused on U.S. televisionoffers a selection of more or less internationally known programs. This allows viewers to discover hidden gems and recall classics that marked an era in the history of television.

In addition to the thematic channels, users can enjoy additional functions that enrich the experience. For example, they can open full-screen videos on YouTube, providing the opportunity to experience immersion in the favorite program.

They can also pause programs, change years using a number key or the channel button, and add or remove “noise” from the picture to recreate the authentic experience of old-fashioned analog television.

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